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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Star Wars Detours | Anakin And His Angel

Star Wars Detours was an upcoming computer-animated comedy TV series set between the events of ROTS and ANH. As most of you probably know, the series was postponed earlier this year until a later date due to the development of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. I think since Detours and the next Star Wars movie are set at completely different times it really could've worked and I don't understand why they didn't follow through with it. ESPECIALLY since Detours was set to have a 2013 release date. It was literally that close to making its debut before they pulled the plug.

In March, the Wired reported...

"The show was, Lucasfilm explained, "conceived and produced before we decided to move forward with the new Star Wars trilogy, and in the wake of that decision, Lucasfilm has reconsidered whether launching an animated comedy prior to the launch of Episode VII makes sense."

That timeline doesn’t exactly hold with other statements from Lucasfilm officials in the past, both on the record and off. George Lucas himself recently let slip that plans for the new movie were in motion before the Disney deal, which began in June of last year, two months before the convention at which Detours was actually announced.

I still hope that one day we will get to watch this cartoon!

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