Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Stores

Stitch Kingdom is reporting that we'll soon see NEW Star Wars merch in Disney stores! I can't wait to see it all!

"Disney Store has confirmed this much to us, noting that some items at launch will be Disney Store exclusives, while other items will be licensed items found elsewhere, but more exclusives are on the way. Unofficially, we have heard that launch items will include Disney Store trading pins as well as trading cards focused on Episode IV: A New Hope and clothing. Sources have also told us that non-Disney items such as Hasbro’s line of Black Series figures will be in stores. As for a long term strategy, sources have told us the plan is to introduce new products every couple of months, focusing on the individual films in the saga, either in episodic or release order (it appears to be unclear at this time), building up to the release of Episode VII."

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