Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jappor Snippet Pendant on Etsy

Jappor Snippet Pendant on Etsy | Anakin And His Angel

I discovered this remarkably accurate Japor Snippet Pendant on Etsy for just $20. It's made of polymer clay and acrylics and the cord is adjustable making it wearable for most anyone. This is definitely the best representation of the necklace Anakin gifted Padme I have found yet. What a beautiful way to display your love for the couple who started it all!

You can also find a tutorial video below if you want to try making one yourself!


  1. Hello! I am the one who makes these pendants. ^_^ Since the time you posted this, I perfected them. And then I made a video tutorial so anyone who wants can make their own. :D You can see it here:

    Thanks a lot for sharing my work! ^_^

    1. You're welcome! And thanks for letting me know, I will update the information :)