Vader Immortal: First Impressions

Vader Immortal: First Impressions | Anakin and His Angel

I played the first chapter of Vader Immortal on the PSVR for the first time this week and oh-my-goodness, what an experience! In this video you can watch me play (I'm warning you, I'm crazy) and I give you my first impressions of the game. ILMxLAB has done a remarkable job with the creative and highly interactive game play as well as the story. I can't wait to see what happens next!


Vader Immortal is now available on the PSVR for $30 on the Playstation Network and it consists of 3 chapters.

Have you experienced this game yet on either the Oculus Quest or the PSVR? What did you think? Let me know in a comment below (spoiler-free please) or get in touch with me on Instagram or Twitter.

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