Star Wars Holiday & The Force Awakens Itty Bittys

Star Wars Christmas & The Force Awakens Itty Bittys

A member of the Vinylmation Exchange Lounge on Facebook shared with us this morning news of four new Christmas Itty Bittys coming to Hallmark on October 1st! There will also be three The Force Awakens Itty Bittys available on November 30th! I can't wait to see which characters there will be. Dare I hope for a BB-8?

Update: 10/07/2015

Star Wars Christmas & The Force Awakens Itty Bittys

The Star Wars Christmas Itty Bittys are now available in Hallmark stores and on their website for $6.95 each. Also, $1 from each Holiday plush will be donated to Toys for Tots. Links to purchase each of these characters are below.

Holiday Yoda
Holiday R2-D2
Holiday Chewbacca
Holiday C-3P0

Star Wars Christmas & The Force Awakens Itty Bittys

The Kylo Ren and Rey Itty Bittys have appeared on the Hallmark website but are not available to buy until November 30th. I wonder who the third character will be? Finn? Poe? BB-8?

Update: 10/14/2015

Star Wars Christmas & The Force Awakens Itty Bittys

Hallmark has released their 2016 Itty Bitty Checklist which includes current Star Wars Itty Bittys and upcoming plushies we haven't seen, including little BB-8! I just knew they would make him! It looks like he might not be available until January but Kylo and Rey are still due to hit shelves at the end of next month. Speaking of which, there will be a Kylo and Rey Itty Bitty keychain set out next July as well!

Wicket and Cheif Chirpa will be a set that's due out in February and Boba Fett will also be joining them. Yes, that is the Boba Fett from the Comic Con set that came with Han Solo in Carbonite. Why they didn't make Han available as well seriously befuddles me. We can only hope he will be released later on!

Update: 11/28/2015

Star Wars Christmas & The Force Awakens Itty Bittys

I just spotted this special edition Kylo Ren Itty Bitty on The only difference is the addition of his lightsaber, which to me, is an obvious must. Why wouldn't the regular version include it?

Kylo Ren and Rey are due out on Monday, November 30th. Fingers crossed!

Update: 11/30/2015

Star Wars Christmas & The Force Awakens Itty Bittys

Good news, folks! The Kylo Ren (regular & special edition)& Rey Itty Bittys are now online and at an additional 20% off! Plus, you can opt to pick them up in store and still get the discount! I would actually highly suggest using this option. I've seen sought after Itty Bittys sell out before with waiting lists made up in Hallmark stores with no guarantee that you'll get the ones you want!

Also, the BB-8 Itty Bitty has been added to the website for pre-ordering with a February release date. However, he is temporarily out of stock and there is no way to sign up for email notifications. Keep checking the website, he'll be available at some point!

For the latest updates on the newest 2016 Star Wars Itty Bittys, see this post!

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