Jenmarie is a bubbly and petite thirty-two year old who has been happily married for nine years to the man of her dreams. She loves Star Wars, Disney, fashion, and everything cute. When she's not blogging she enjoys spending time with loved ones, shopping, playing games on the PS4, watching The Office, collecting too many things, and going to Disneyland.

Jenmarie is a Co-Host on the Force Cult Podcast and proudly contributes content for the Boba Fett Fan Club's social media posts.

If you're interested in Jenmarie's Star Wars Story, please read The Fangirl Awakens


I was thirteen years old I when started my first website, Star Wars Freak. It was a tiny corner on the web hosted on Angelfire where I shared my love of the Star Wars movies. I honestly don't recall much about that website, but what I do remember is that Anakin and His Angel soon replaced it on November 21st, 2000. I was but a year older and had taught myself HTML coding and the basics of graphic design. I was so taken by Anakin and Padme's relationship in The Phantom Menace that I wanted a place that would be more focused on their individual characters and their love for each other while providing the community with the most recent and exciting news. At this time there were still two movies yet to be made so much like now, there was a lot going on! As AAHA grew I brought on a wonderful team of people to help with news and different areas on the website. There was nothing we didn't do! We had forums, a weekly newsletter, monthly calendar wallpapers, special features, contests, you name it! We loved engaging with the Star Wars community and together we made many great accomplishments, including being named the fifth best Star Wars website in an Australian magazine. We believed in providing fans with everything Star Wars that we could get our hands on. One time it got us into a bit of trouble when I received an email from Lucasfilm saying I had photos from one of the upcoming movies that shouldn't have been online. AAHA was shut down for a few hours until I removed said photos. Oops!

There was an incredible amount of fan sites dedicated to Star Wars during the earlier years of AAHA, many who were our affiliates including Lightsaber.co.uk (now Jedi News), Galactic Voyage, and The Moons of Iego. However, a good portion of the fan sites shut down not long after Revenge of the Sith left theaters. Even AAHA had its ups and downs. It was tough running a website when almost nothing was happening and no one was excited about anything. We were strictly on Facebook for about a year or so and later moved to a different host and platform which is part of the reason why we lost all our previous content - the transition didn't go quite as planned. I have great memories of AAHA during those days when it was a full website and though it's more of a blog, I hope you'll stick by my side and continue to watch it grow. I am very passionate about my love of Star Wars and I think it will be quite evident in the various content I provide.


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