Star Wars Furniture For Padawans

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Star Wars Furniture for Padawans

These days, you can find just about ANYTHING Star Wars. Adults and kids alike enjoy the thrill of being able to display the love of the fandom in their homes, bedrooms, and work spaces through various collections whether that be toys, kitchen appliances, or even furniture and décor for the bedroom. is the portal to several national brands including Star Wars, Sofia Vegara, and Cindy Crawford. They also have a nifty feature which allows you to track all furniture sales in your area which makes shopping for the pieces you need a breeze! Through this website I found Rooms To Go which features furniture especially for kids and teens. Below you'll find a few of my favorite Star Wars pieces from their inventory.

Star Wars Furniture for Padawans

Their exquisitely designed Star Wars beds will take your Padawans to a galaxy far, far away in their dreams. My favorite of the three is the Twin Panel Landspeeder. The engines on the Landspeeder were designed with storage in mind and they also act as nightstands! For $900 you'll be able to give that special kid in your life the chance to make believe they're driving off to claim their droids back and fight Tusken Raiders just like Luke! If you're on more of a budget, there's also a $600 option available which comes without the engines.

Be sure to check out this page for more Star Wars beds!

Star Wars Furniture for Padawans

The TIE Fighter desk is obviously the perfect option to not only make homework a bit more fun but also to encourage reading and inspiring your young one to tap into their artistic abilities. For $400 you can replace their current unimaginative desk with the only thing better, a desk that's been crafted by the Empire itself!

Star Wars Furniture for Padawans

Let's be real here, this rug is categorized under "kids" but no one would know otherwise. Become a part of the Resistance with this 100% nylon and mold and mildew resistant 3' x 5' rug for $69.99! But wait, there's also a 5' x 7' rug for $139.99. You're not surprised, are you?

Which one of these is your favorite?

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