Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Star Wars ComLINKS

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin And His Angel


Star Wars ComLINKS is the very first monthly link up centered around the Star Wars universe! The purpose of this link up is to inspire fans to write/talk about various topics (which will be assigned each month) pertaining to our favorite fandom. You will be able to share a link to your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. on a special widget here on AAHA and also view other posts from fans! Of course, visiting another link and leaving a comment, Tweeting it, or what have you, will be encouraged to create more interaction.


1) Your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. does NOT have to be SW related.
2) Your entry must be family-friendly.
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If you'd like, you may post one of the banners below on your Website/Blog with a link back to this original post to get the word out.

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin And His Angel Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin And His Angel
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Normally, the topic won't be shared until the month of but I wanted to let you all know, so that you can prepare, that September's topic is: "FORCE FRIDAY". Write/talk about your experience shopping The Force Awakens products whether you participated in stores or online. Did you attend a midnight opening? What did you get? What's on your wish list? These are just a few prompts, feel free to use your own ideas. Get creative!

The link up will be posted on September 9th! You'll prepare your piece and return to AAHA to share it with everyone. If you're unable to share it on the 9th, don't worry! The link up will be open for a few weeks before the next link up begins.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Star Wars Rebels Eachez Unboxing Video

Star Wars Rebels Eachez Unboxing | Anakin And His Angel

My mom, sister and I have all been waiting to receive our Star Wars Rebelz Eachez Vinylmations in the mail so that we could get together and have an unboxing party! We weren't able to make it to the D23 Expo where these were released but were extremely lucky to have friends who went and were so kind to pick us up a few! This is a limited edition set of 1500 with only a 1 out of 10 chance of pulling Kanan over Hera. We opened seven boxes in total and filmed the whole process. Did we get Kanan? You gotta watch to find out!

WARNING: We are crazy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Daisy Ridley at D23

Daisy Ridley at D23 | Anakin And His Angel

Daisy Ridley at D23 | Anakin And His Angel

Daisy Ridley at D23 | Anakin And His Angel

I know I'm not the only one who appreciates when actors, who are new to the Star Wars universe, are so clearly passionate about the film, their character, and the often crazy obsessive fans. Daisy Ridley is a perfect example of that passion which she has brought to each event promoting The Force Awakens this year. Last weekend she announced she was at the Disney Expo in Anaheim by posting her very first photo on Instagram (seen above). I think it's safe to say that everyone stopped what they were doing to go and follow her. And if you haven't yet, you definitely should. Her joyful attitude and bubbly personality is all over that account and there's an insanely cute and hilarious video of her proudly displaying her Rey figurine for Disney Infinity 3.0, which was announced to be coming soon (along with Finn) on Sunday at the convention. Speaking of which, John Boyega said "Finn's rifle is the most powerful weapon in the game." But Daisy quickly replied with "I don’t need the most powerful weapon in the game, because I am a bad a**!".
Ohhh, wow! I can't wait to see this girl in action!

Daisy Ridley at D23 | Anakin And His Angel

Daisy Ridley at D23 | Anakin And His Angel

Daisy Ridley at D23 | Anakin And His Angel

Besides Daisy's obvious passion for The Force Awakens, I have also come to love her style. The majority of her outfits have been simple, with little to no accessories, but very feminine which I think suits her so well. Gotta keep it simple to kick butt if needed, right? Basically, she's pretty much killed it at Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic Con, and now the D23 Epxo. It makes me anxious to see what she'll be wearing for the premiere. I also can't wait to hear what she'll have to say about the movie and her characters once it hits theaters on December 18th.

Lastly, here's a couple of videos for you in case you haven't seen them. The first is a short interview where Daisy talks about her experience at the convention and her fellow cast members. The last features J.J. Abrams and some of the cast at the Live Action Panel where they debut the new poster created for the event by Drew Struzan. The poster does contain a spoiler, so I'd suggest not watching the video if you've been trying not to see it.

Tell me, how much do you love Daisy? And what do you think about her style?

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3

This is the final installment of my Padme Amidala Wardrobe Series (I plan to do a post on her wardrobe from The Clone Wars once I finish re-watching all six seasons) which will be focused on her attire in Revenge of the Sith. You can see Part 1 here and Part 2 here, if you missed them.

Padme wore twelve different outfits in the third and final chapter of the Prequels (nightgown included). One of which was worn in a deleted scene in the Chancellor's office (which many refer to as the Peacock Gown). Choosing two favorites from this film was probably the easiest of all of three movies as I've always known which ones I loved most.


Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

"Fluid, stiff, rough, crisp, smoother, soft or thick wools, cottons, silks, and sumptuous velvets were screen-printed, embroidered, devored, dyed, smocked, pleated, quilted, beaded, or felted to help achieve a harmonious picture through the use of texture, color, proportion, and balance."

- Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars

Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

I was planning on having this gown made and wearing it to the midnight showing of ROTS when I first saw it. Those plans didn't work out so well but to this day it's still my favorite piece she wears in the movie. The way the steel silk fabric drapes against her figure allows us to see for the first time that she is clearly pregnant with Luke and Leia. The strands of pearls which connect to the silver heart shaped pendant on her gown and her natural hair clipped back showing her glowing face were just a couple of extra added features that made her look even more angelic. I also love that she is wearing her jappor snippet necklace Anakin gave to her shortly after they met. Anakin and Padme were living the lie she said they would with their unspoken marriage but it was clearly evident they had some very wonderful moments together, like that on the balcony where they basically talked about nothing. Because that's what couples who are truly in love do.

For many more photos of this Twilight Nightgown, click here.


Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

"Concept art of putting Padmé in buns first appeared for The Phantom Menace, but the design wasn't utilized until Revenge of the Sith. By mimicking Princess Leia's famous hairstyle from A New Hope, Padmé's buns provide a necessary link between the final episode of the prequel trilogy and the first episode of the original trilogy. While Leia's buns are more Scandinavian, Padmé's are inspired by Native American, specifically Hopi, styles. After Hopi girls participated in a four-day puberty ceremony, their hair was wrapped around u-shapped bows to create the "squash-blossom" or "butterfly" hairdo. This style signified their maturity and readiness for marriage. It's ironic that Padmé wears this hairdo, meant to announce one's desire for a husband, when she's desperately trying to the hide the fact that she's already married!"

- Star Wars: Fit For A Queen

Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

Padme Amidala's Wardrobe: My Favorites Part 3 | Anakin And His Angel

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite A/P moments. Their love for one another is so clearly evident in this scene and I love the excitement and tenderness they both portray through their words and gestures. Her cloak looks plain in the shadows, but in the light you can see the wonderful pattern and beaded brooch holding it in place. The elaborate drop earrings also compliment her stylized buns, which are nothing but perfect. Overall it's a very simplistic look, especially for Padme. I don't think it could've been worn at a more perfect time. It's the simple things in life that matter the most, like finally being able to hold your loved one after being apart for so long and sharing with them the best news you could possibly give them.

For many more photos of the Senate Landing Gown, click here.

Thanks so much for reading and be sure to share with me your favorites in a comment below or on Twitter.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Negativity In The Star Wars Community

Negativity In The Star Wars Community | Anakin And His Angel

Without George, there would be no Star Wars.

Let that sink in for a moment.

NO Star Wars.

Ok, now that I've got your attention, here's some things that I have felt for a long time and have decided to finally put into words. I know I'm probably going to "hear it" from some people, but I just feel that it needs to be said.

No matter what anyone has to say about George or any of the Star Wars movies, he deserves the utmost respect for making HIS dream come true and sharing it with all of us. The movies have inspired us and the characters have shaped us. We've experienced some of the best laughs and tears and have collected and created pieces that we are proud of and hold dear. Star Wars has connected us with new friends near and far and for some of us, it has even connected us with our spouses. It's a massive community of people who when standing in lines with at a convention or discussing the newest news on Twitter you know deep down that they are actually your Star Wars family. Everyone just gets IT.

Am I the only one who feels like sometimes fans forget everything George has given us? Are they taking Star Wars for granted?

It saddens and frustrates me when people constantly complain about the Prequel Trilogy or the way they'll never forgive George for altering iconic scenes in the Old Trilogy. You know that feeling when a comment is made about a loved one that you find offending or you see someone treat said person wrongfully? That's the feeling I get when someone starts talking crap about George Lucas/Star Wars. I immediately get defensive! And so I should. Like many other fans, Star Wars has been part of my life since I was a kid. It's difficult for me, as a hard core fan, to witness this constant negativity. It leads me to think that it won't ever stop. It's fine if you don't like something and make it known, but do you have to continue to talk about it until the end of time? Why do you sulk and emit negativity into the community so often? Why not focus on what you DO LIKE about Star Wars?

I don't want to just toss how many of you feel about the changes made in the OT out the window which is why I want to say that I do understand that the changes truly affected some fans. Change isn't easy, especially when you've known, for example, that Han shot first your entire life. That actually disappoints me too. Yes, there are changes I don't like and don't care for as much. But there are also changes that I think are interesting and exciting. If they are that bothersome to you, just watch the version you like best! That's really all you can do, right? Complaining and hating on George isn't going to alter what's been done.

As for the Prequels...

If you're so annoyed by Jar Jar, or you can't stand Hayden Christensen's acting, than stop watching those movies! Seriously! Why watch something that irritates you so much? There are fans, like myself, who actually really enjoy the Prequels. It's hard feeling like you have to constantly stand up for these movies with people who are supposed to be FANS. I think people forget that George had a specific vision for the Prequels and that they were never intended to feel like the Originals. But they are so wallowed in their hate for them, I'm sure it wouldn't even matter. There is so much I could say to defend this trilogy, but I feel that might be better saved for it's own post in the future.

I'm not trying to say that you should like everything about these movies. Really! You are obviously entitled to your own opinion. And we should all know that not every film is going to appeal to everyone. We're different and that's ok. My intentions in writing this post is to remind fans what George has done for us and to bring you back to all the things that you LOVE about Star Wars. Maybe if we focus on those aspects, then the Star Wars community can become an even better place!

I'd also like to warn you as The Force Awakens (and the rest of the films hereafter) approach us. There will be fans who will pick it apart, there will be people who aren't fans who just won't get it, and of course there will be those reviews that make it sound awful. If you're a fan and love it, don't let these people ruin it for you. And if you're a fan and hate it, that'll be too bad (I honestly mean that with the most sincerity. I can't imagine not loving a new Star Wars movie and I hope that day never comes!). But maybe you can refrain from bashing on it 24/7?

With that said this week has been an awesome time for fans to share their love of the Prequels. If you'd like to join in on the fun you can follow the hashtag #SWPAW and participate in the featured question each day. You can read all about the project on this Tumblr page.

Whew! Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm curious as to what your thoughts are? Comment below or send me a Tweet!