Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Comic-Con Exclusive: Itty Bitty Boba Fett

Comic-Con Exclusive: Itty Bitty Boba Fett | Anakin and His Angel

Yesterday the Unofficial SDCC Blog revealed several Comic Convention Exclusives which included this Popminded by Hallmark Itty Bitty of the infamous Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett. Like previous Itty Bitty Comic-Con Exclusives it has an original action figure card back styled packaging making this a true collector's item. There are only 2,500 of these made and with Boba Fett being a favorite of many fans, not to mention the killer design, I'm sure he'll sell out quickly.

This Boba Fett plush will be available at the Pop Minded Booth at both San Diego Comic-Con (July 19-22) and New York Comic-Con (October 4-7).

Do you have a weakness for plushies and/or Boba? If so, is he on your "must have" list?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Solo Scene

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

Welcome to the thirtieth Star Wars ComLINKS! This is the first and only monthly link up. The purpose of this link up is to inspire fans to write/talk about various topics (which are assigned each month) pertaining to our favorite fandom. Each link up will take place on the second Wednesday of every month. You will be given the opportunity to share a link to your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. on a special linkup widget here on AAHA and also view other posts from fans! Your contribution will also be shared on social media!

"Favorite Solo Scene" begins today through June 27th!

Now that you've seen Solo one, two, maybe even three times it's time to round up your thoughts and determine which scene in the film was your favorite. What made it stand out from the rest of the film? Did the scene include one of your favorite characters? How did the action or drama resonate with you? These are just a few prompts to help you get started.


1) Your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. does NOT have to be SW related.
2) Your entry must be family-friendly.
3) Please include a link to (or mention) "Star Wars ComLINKS" in your entry and don't forget to use the hashtag #starwarscomlinks when applicable!

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

There are several scenes in Solo that I consider favorites. I thought that after seeing the movie four times that I'd be able to narrow it down to just one but alas, I found it too difficult. So I decided to pick the first moment in the film that was my favorite which would be when Han and Chewbacca met in the most unexpected way on the planet Mimban.

As soon as Mimban Stormtroopers mentioned feeding Han Solo to the "beast" after he continued to pester Beckett about joining his crew I just knew that they were referring to Chewbacca. If you saw my Solo themed Smuggler's Bounty unboxing video than you know there was a Han and Chewbacca Funko Pop two pack where they are both clearly muddy and chained together. The only thing that surprised me was that according to the Troopers, Han was apparently on the menu...

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

I squealed upon hearing a familiar growl after Han was tossed into the cell where Chewbacca was being held as a prisoner of the Empire. But that excitement suddenly turned into concern when I wondered if Chewie really ate and digested humans. Thanks to The Official Guide I learned that he typically eats food scraps though they were often used to taunt him. Indeed, this book made Chewbacca's circumstances all the more saddening. Wookiee hugs are necessary!

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

Whether Chewbacca was planning to eat Han out of starvation or kill him for whatever reason, things started off rather rocky between them. Of course Han was going to put up a fight! I loved that their relationship begun with them fighting each other much like two young boys on a school yard. It often happens that they end up becoming buddies which is obviously what transpired with this unique duo. Neither Chewie or Han held back which was both amusing and concerning especially when things started getting ugly. Han takes a bite out of Chewie's shoulder (ouch!) and Chewie almost suffocates Han as he uses his giant paws to press him downward into the thick mud that covers the entire perimeter of the cell. Han comes up with the clever idea of speaking Shyriiwook to get his attention. What a hysterical moment! Chewbacca is caught off guard and listens to Han's clever escape plan. Han had noticed that there was a loose support which props up the roof to the cell they're trapped in. Han knows the Troopers are watching the show so he convinces Chewie to act like he's hurting him when really Chewie is hitting the support to cause more damage that would eventually collapse it allowing them to escape. It works but only after Chewbacca tackles Han into the pillar to finally snap it in half. Talk about roughhousing!

Some fans questioned the fact that Han knew a bit of Skyriiwook considering we never hear him speak it in the other films. I, however, don't have a problem with it. Chewbacca can already understand Han so there's no reason for him to use the language. I believe he did it because he was in a desperate moment and needed to catch Chewbacca off guard by speaking his native language. It definitely surprised him enough to let up from killing Han!

I love this scene because of the shock value. I never would have imagined these two going up against each other in the way that they did. The more I watch it the more I appreciate what it brings to their relationship. They can get through anything together no matter how different they are and even if they don't see eye to eye on everything. We see this play out as the film progresses with moments of trust, compromise, understanding and sacrifice. Needless to say, they have a relationship built on a solid foundation. I can't wait until the movie is on Blu-Ray so we can get some proper screen caps of this scene!

Tell me, what was your favorite scene from Solo? Write a post or discuss it on your podcast and if you don't have time for that, leave a comment below and tell me about it!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Last Jedi Mystery Minis Plush Keychain Unboxing

If you're new here you should probably know that I have an obsession with plushies and blind bags/boxes. Plushies are soft, typicaly squishy and just all around fun to stare at or hug and the thrill of not knowing what's inside a bling bag or box makes me feel like a kid again chasing after the surprise toys inside kid's meals. At the end of last year Funko announced that they were combining two of my favorite things into one and you can probably guess that I was 100% on board with the idea!

The Last Jedi Mystery Minis Plush Keychain Unboxing | Anakin and His Angel

The Last Jedi themed plush keychains, which are part of Funko's Mystery Mini line, have finally begun hitting store shelves. I found mine for $6.90 (everything under $10 is always Buy 2, Get 1 Free as well) at BoxLunch. You can also find them for $5.90 at Hot Topic. They're super cute renditions on some of the main characters and droids in the film and are great for decorating your bags with or for almost any kind of decoration. I purchased three bags and unboxed them in a video below. Be sure to watch it to find out which characters I got!

Have you purchased any of these? If so, which characters did you get? Let me know in a comment below or send me a Tweet!

Friday, June 1, 2018

Her Universe Lightsaber Lip Collection Review

Her Universe Lightsaber Lip Collection Review | Anakin and His Angel
(Full Size)

It's always an exciting feeling to see one of your favorite brands branch out and try something new and when they go that extra mile and make that product cruelty-free it makes you feel even better about your purchase! What could I be referring to? Why the new Star Wars Lightsaber Lip Collection ($16.90) by Her Universe of course! As soon as it launched I didn't hesitate to purchase it. Ever since seeing The Phantom Menace I wanted this exact lip product to exist and I couldn't be happier to finally have it in my makeup collection. Ashley Eckstein, voice of Ahsoka Tano and creator of the geek girl brand Her Universe, wanted to make lightsaber lip products for a long time and now that it's finally here fangirls across the galaxy can enjoy this geeky take on makeup!

Her Universe Lightsaber Lip Collection Review | Anakin and His Angel
(Full Size)

Her Universe Lightsaber Lip Collection Review | Anakin and His Angel
(Full Size)

The packaging is 100% Star Wars chic! I also love that it's a reusable tin making it perfect to store the lip products and other items I might want to keep inside. The names of the colors are listed on the outside of the packaging with a decent swatch showcasing each shade which, if I might add, are pretty spot on. Oh, and please don't laugh. The product itself is so cute that I couldn't help but hold it like a real lightsaber!

Did You Know? My friend Savanna of The Dorky Diva had the opportunity to name each of the lip colors!


Her Universe Lightsaber Lip Collection Review | Anakin and His Angel
(Full Size)

Dagobah Dusk is a lovely mauve shade. I can honestly tell you it's my favorite mauve colored lip product I've ever owned! I found it easy to apply which is always important especially if you're in a rush to get somewhere. It felt just slightly sticky as it was drying and it was only then that I realized it's a semi-matte formula. I say "semi" because it doesn't feel like other matte products I have tried before. You don't really feel like you're wearing anything which is nice. Halfway through the day I did have to add chapstick on my bottom lip towards the inner part of my mouth but that often happens due to how dry my lips can be. Overall, I love the formula, the color and was super impressed with how long it lasted. I wore it all day while eating snacks, meals, and drinking from my water bottle and never needed to reapply it. By the time the early evening hit and I had already had my dinner it was slightly lighter in color but considering I was staying home for the night there was no reason for me to whip the product out.


Her Universe Lightsaber Lip Collection Review | Anakin and His Angel
(Full Size)

Tatooine is the lightest shade that's a pale pink with specks of glitter. It's so shiny and soft feeling which is a plus! No one likes a gloss that doesn't shine as bright as the stars and feels sticky. This shade is a great option for younger fangirls or if you're planning to do a dark eye look and prefer a lighter lip for contrast. I think this would also be a great layering color to add on top of your favorite lipstick to give it that extra oopmh. Since this shade is a gloss and not a matte like Dagobah Dusk I did have to reapply it as needed but I don't ever find having to reapply any lip product an annoyance. I just really love makeup I guess?


Her Universe Lightsaber Lip Collection Review| Anakin and His Angel
(Full Size)

Dark Side is a stunning dark purple shade but it's probably my least favorite of them all because it's one of those colors that is very patchy, at least worn on its own. After simply talking and smiling I noticed my natural lip color showing through (if you have dry and sometimes flaky flips like I do this shade will also make those imperfections stand out). The best way to deal with this issue, if you experienced what I did, is to layer it over a lipstick of a similar color. You also might want take caution as I found that this color stains easily. The stain from the swatch on my arm (pictured above) would have still been there had I not used a makeup remover wipe. It didn't wash off easily like the other shades. I would also like to note that the description of this shade says it's on the creamier side but I found it to be like Dagobah Dusk, a semi-matte.

The only downside to this lip collection is that there isn't a lot of product inside each tube especially compared to other lip products. At only 0.07 ounces per color I personally would want to save wearing these colors for special occasions. However, I don't think this is a reason not to purchase it as I'm overall extremely happy with my purchase!

Tip: I always apply the Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm before I put on ANY lip product. I have dry lips and I find that this helps the application process of whatever I choose to wear for the day.

Which shade is your favorite? Are you planning on purchasing this lip collection too?

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Solo: A Star Wars Story Mystery Minis Unboxing

While casually browsing the Star Wars sections at Target I noticed there were only 3 more of the Solo Mystery Mini Blind Boxes by Funko left on the shelf. I had recently seen other fans find them on clearance and since there was no yellow Target clearance sticker that we all know and love to be found on the box I decided to scan them. Sure enough, they were only $4.99 each! I decided to grab the last of the bunch! I had a feeling I would pull at least one of the Target character exclusives, but did I? Watch my unboxing video below to find out!

Below is the full line of figures for reference. As you can see, there are six Target exclusives in total but only Qi'ra, Han Prisoner and Chewie Prisoner are shown on the boxes found at Target. It is unclear if the Range Trooper, Tobias Beckett with Rifle, and Han as Pilot will be made available at a later point or if they were supposed to be another retailer's exclusives.

A Funko Force Friday | Anakin and His Angel

Have you purchased any of these? If so, which characters did you get? Let me know in a comment below or send me a Tweet!

Friday, May 25, 2018

My Immediate Solo Reactions

My Immediate Solo Reactions | Anakin and His Angel
(Right before going in to see the movie!)

*PLEASE NOTE: My reactions below DO CONTAIN HUGE SPOILERS and I would highly suggest refraining from reading it if you haven't yet seen the movie.

After hearing from several fans that they described Solo as "fun" it made me worry. Fun isn't bad but I found myself thinking, "That's all?". I definitely did a better job this time around trying to not have any expectations but as soon as reviews were coming in I made sure to keep myself in check even though when it came to the day I was seeing it I felt sick to my stomach hours before the film because of pure excitement. There's just no containing the fire in me for Star Wars!

In my opinion, Solo is so much bigger than just "fun". It's a wonderful action-packed story (with the right amount of humor that is Star Wars appropriate and actually works) about our favorite smuggler and the troubles and adventures he gets himself involved in that end up playing enormous parts in who he is as the Han Solo we all know and love. And believe it or not, Alden Ehrenreich grew on me a lot faster than what I'm seeing most people say. I think he did a great job portraying Han and for the most part I believed him as that character. His voice, because it's much higher-pitched and softer than Harrison Ford's, often threw me off and he could've done with a lot less smiling. Granted, he is somewhat younger than when we meet him in A New Hope (do we have an official time frame?) and even though people do change I still think that it was just a little too much. His humor as well as his mannerisms were great but there was one moment when Lando tosses him his blaster and he does that Han Solo stance and engages in battle and it's so on point that I can't even find the words to describe the authenticity of it. Overall, Alden was wonderful and I'm sorry I doubted him.

My Immediate Solo Reactions | Anakin and His Angel
(I got a Chewbacca and Han Solo collectible cup and I'm clearly happy about it.)

I'll be honest and tell you that during the first five minutes or so into the movie I was feeling very hesitant about EVERYTHING. Alden. The tone of the film. The creatures. But after that bit of a hiccup I felt like the movie made a quick 180° turn for the better. It also began to have that familiarity of Star Wars whether it was the music, references or Troopers which really helped. The feeling was kind of like that moment when you arrive at a party or an event and everything just feels weird because you're either shy or don't really know anyone but as soon as you engage with someone it just gets better and better.

The name drops in this movie were INTENSE. Scariff, Felucia, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Dathomir, Zam sisters (WHAT!?), Bossk, Aurra Sing, Big Shot Ganster (Jabba!). The list goes on I'm sure. You can rest assured my eyes either widened or I gasped at all of the references. ALL OF THEM. Were there some you noticed that I didn't list here? Please let me know in a comment below!

The score was absolutely beautiful. There was one track in particular that took my breath away and I think it may have been Han's theme (Edit: The Track is called "Flying with Chewie" and the part I was referring to starts at 2:11). There are most definitely familiar themes which really tied the movie together and made moments like when we were aboard the Falcon feel super magical and new ones that I was equally as excited about.

My Immediate Solo Reactions | Anakin and His Angel
(My Chewbacca Mystery Mini Figure by Funko tagged along.)

Qi'ra was NOT what I was expecting at all. She was glamorous, cool and could definitely handle herself which I loved. Let me just say though that I 100% grimaced during her first kiss with Han. I am on the Han & Leia train so their relationship has been a difficult one for me to process. However, I handled it much better than I thought I would as the film progressed and I actually ended up liking them together. I was surprised that she chose her lust for power over him and although it was saddening I'm honestly ok with it because Han and Leia were always "meant to be" in my book. Plus, she's kinda cool as a bad girl. Am I right?

Speaking of lust for power. HOLY CRAP! My heart almost came out of my chest and I started sweating uncontrollably when DARTH-FREAKING-MAUL showed up on screen in a hologram (btw, can someone explain why this was the only hologram in all of Star Wars that was in color?). I was so excited that I barely remember anything that was said in that moment so I am super anxious to see it again. But the fact that Ray Park got to reprise his role and Sam Witwer provided the voice made my heart SO full. It HAD to be these two. Did anyone else notice that Qi'ra and Darth Maul both have the same necklace? It's the Crimson Dawn symbol cut in half. I NEED TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THEIR STORY ASAP!

Chewbacca was awesome because he's Chewbacca. The way that he and Han meet could not have been more perfect. In fact, it was one of my favorite scenes from the movie. I love that they fought it out and how Han spoke Shyriiwook to get his attention and break up the fight. It's wonderful seeing them work together and grow closer in the film but I would have liked to see something deeper play out between them. I don't know what that would've looked like. Perhaps one of them rescuing the other? A tender moment? A deeper conversation? I think something like this would've added a lot more weight to their relationship.

My Immediate Solo Reactions | Anakin and His Angel
(I wore my Han, Chewie and Lando pins by Black Series Rebels to see the movie!)

I thought I was going to prefer Lando over Han leading up to the movie but came out feeling the opposite. I did like Lando but I felt that he just didn't shine as much as I thought he would. And can I just say that when you have THAT many capes you should definitely have more outfit changes. What a tease! I loved the scene when he first meets Han and pronounces his name like he always has. PERFECTION! The scene when L3 gets shot and Lando runs out to save her was extremely dramatic and sad, especially when Chewie ran out to pick up Lando who was still holding what was left of L3 in his arms. I honestly felt choked up even though I felt no attachment to her. I know a lot of people liked the new robot but she just wasn't my favorite. The only thing I liked about her was that she rescued so many innocent droids. My. Heart. Will my thoughts about Lando and L3-37 change after more viewings? Maybe. But for now that's where I'm at.

Beckett was a great character. Often when I see Woody Harrelson films I just think of his characters as Woody Harrelson throughout the entire movie. However, I didn't think of him as Woody in Solo. I only saw Beckett, which was a treat. When Beckett came out of the Falcon in Lando's Skiff Guard disguise I was that ridiculous person and pointed at the screen. No joke. I had no idea him a Val were together in the movie and thought it was really sweet. Since Val died so quickly I really didn't get to form an opinion about her but she had a "get things done" attitude about her that I admired. Rio was also an interesting character but also died so quickly that I sadly barely know what to think besides the fact that he was cute.

Enfys Nest. OH. MY. GOSH. The entrance to this character was fantastic! I mean, I was just super thrilled! She looks cool but she sounds even cooler. Her combat skills are extraordinary. Her swoop bike is rad. Yes, she's just an all around amazing character and I was super stoked about her throughout the movie. But just when I thought that there was going to be an epic showdown, she takes off her mask and reveals that she's a "good guy". This was the only moment in the movie that I was extremely let down. I desperately wanted Enfys to be a villain and I was so sure she was. I was also thrown off by her child-like appearance. Her character was nothing what I was expecting her to be so I just honestly feel let down right now. As you probably know, I was super pumped for Captain Phasma but was also let down by her lack of screen time. Enfys didn't have a lot of screen time either so that along with the fact that she wasn't a baddie just really irked me. What does a girl got to do to get more female villains that are bad asses? Please tell me.

My Immediate Solo Reactions | Anakin and His Angel
(I'm super stoked because Jason liked the movie!)

Dryden Voss was so much more wicked than I thought he was going to be and it made more sense at the end when we found out who he answered to. MAUL! He was a great character but he wasn't my favorite and no, I definitely don't need the Funko Pop figure. I am, however, interested in his backstory. Where did he get those scars? How often did he interact with Maul? How did he come across Qi'ra?

The lack of Troopers in this movie hurt my heart but I won't hold it against it. I was super stoked about the Range Troopers and, to my knowledge, we only saw them in one scene. ONE!? Apparently I need to stop being stoked for specific characters in Star Wars movies because it so often turns out that the ones I'm the most excited about are the ones with the least amount of screen time.

That's all I can process for now. Overall I think I actually loved it because I can't stop thinking about it and it just makes me really happy. I'll be recording more of my reactions with Force Cult this week so please let me know if you have any thoughts (good or bad and/or questions!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Star Wars Couple Q&A

Star Wars Couple Q&A | Anakin and His Angel

On May 15th, 2002, my husband Jason and I met in line for the midnight showing of Attack of the Clones. To celebrate this 16th anniversary we asked you if you'd be interested in a Q&A. We received some great questions concerning our relationship and love of Star Wars. Let's dig in!

Star Wars Couple Q&A | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "Which Star Wars couple do you feel you relate to?" - Nicola Adele

A: I would say that we relate to Kanan and Hera from Star Wars Rebels the most. I've always thought that Jason and I were like two puzzle pieces that were made to fit together and that's how I see Kanan and Hera too. We really make a great team! Kanan also puts everyone above himself including Hera and Jason has always done that. He would sacrifice his life for mine in a second. I also admire the great display of love and support Kanan and Hera show one another and I think that's something we are fortunate to have as well. - Jenmarie

A: It would have to be Anakin and Padme because she is often the only one who can calm him down (when he's being a not-so-nice baddie), and he is like a bull that sees red if she is ever in danger. He cares for her so deeply that he sometimes does really unwise things to try to protect (or impress) her. - Jason

Star Wars Couple Q&A | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "Which movie is your favorite? Debate on why if you have different favorites."
- Stephanie

A: My favorite Star Wars movies are: The Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Sith, and The Force Awakens. It's funny because I like TESB and ROTS because, in my opinion, they are the darkest films but also the most romantic. TFA on the other hand is completely the opposite but it really struck a cord with me. I found it completely exhilarating and appreciated the way the familiar characters I loved were handled (well, for the most part) and I absolutely loved the introduction of the new characters. It also means a lot to me because I've always had a huge passion for Star Wars but there was this long period of time where there was barely any new Star Wars content being released and I was kind of at a loss of how to celebrate my fandom. Disney buying Lucasfilm was exactly what I needed although when I first heard the news I was adamant that we didn't need a Star Wars sequel. - Jenmarie

A: Return of the Jedi. There is no debate. ...No matter what she says.

But seriously, I am often drawn to simplistic stories/ideas (when done well), and I like when a movie follows the traditional flow from the introduction to building the stakes, to raising the stakes, to resolving things. I like the fact that there is resolution in Jedi. There is a climax. There are tremendous stakes, peril, wonderful action, fun humor, and great drama that all come together and actually go somewhere and wrap up as a complete story (not knocking the amazing TESB, but I personally tend to enjoy a good denouement more than a cliffhanger). I think the drama between Luke and Vader is perhaps the strongest drama between two characters in all of the Original Trilogy, matched only by maybe Luke and Yodi (we call him Yodi because, why not?). Beyond that, the Emporer is terrifically, disgustingly, awesomely wretched - one of the best movie villains ever, in my opinion. Also, I have always LOVED LOVED LOVED space battles, and the Battle of Endor is my favorite space battle in all of Star Wars. Even after the whatever-eth time watching this movie over the last 30 years, I still get goosebumps at certain parts. I could go on and on and on.

Plus, Ewoks. 'Nuff said. And, tough guys out there that pretend you hate ROTJ because of the "muppets," you know deep down, you adore them. -Jason

Star Wars Couple Q&A | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "What Star Wars related gifts have you gifted each other over the years?"
- Perry Glaze

A: Jason absolutely gets a kick out of Salacious Crumb. Like, I'm talking laughing so hard you can't even hear anything. When I found out the Salacious Talking Plush was cancelled by Underground Toys I turned to Amazon and was able to get him one at a fairly decent price. He sits on our couch along with my large Jabba Tsum Tsum. The perfect pairing! I also got him a PSVR which isn't exactly a Star Wars item but without it he wouldn't have been able to experience the X-Wing VR Mission on Star Wars Battlefront I. The first time he played it was an absolute blast! I sat and watched him and he was like a kid seeing Star Wars for the first time. - Jenmarie

A: Sooo... In 2005, at our local midnight showing for ROTS, I wanted to show Jennifer (my friend at the time - we weren't even dating yet) a Darth Vader Force FX lightsaber that I had bought myself in anticipation of the movie, so I grabbed it from my truck to show it off. Well, Jen lit up with excitement, thinking that I had bought it for her as a gift (that was probably my fault, considering the way I showed her the 'surprise'). She said "FOR ME???" So... "...Yep!" I grinned through a clenched, somewhat painful smile, and handed it to her. How could I say no? She was so cute and I'll be darned if I'm going to be the guy who looks a woman with such childlike wonder and joy in the eye and says "No lightsaber for you!" So, I relinquished the Force FX Lightsaber. It did, actually, make me happy to do so.

...Then I married her to get it back. - Jason

Star Wars Couple Q&A | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "Did you realize from the start that you both had a geek side or did that come out later in your relationship?" - Chloe

A: Considering the fact that Jason was dressed as a Sith in line for Star Wars when I first met him I knew he was a pretty big fan! As we got to know each other through long emails that we sent each other every day I realized that he LOVED movies and also enjoyed a lot of the same fandoms I liked. In fact, we had this game where we would include a movie quote in the subject of the email and had to guess which movie it was from in our reply. I loved that! Anyhow, we enjoy DC, Marvel (specifically X-men), and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as well as MANY other franchises and films. He's not a big Disney fan but that's ok. He still watches my favorites with me and goes to Disneyland with me from time to time. What a guy!- Jenmarie

A: I still object to the 'Geek' or 'Nerd' label, not because it hurts my feelings or makes me embarrassed or anything, but because I just don't think it is accurate. I think it is simply Pop-Culture, which obviously is short for Popular-Culture. I think it is fast-becoming the most popular segment of Pop-Culture, so I don't see it as some niche corner of the market that only 'geeks' or 'nerds' would occupy.
...Okay, off my soapbox... I probably am a geeky, nerdy geek-nerd.

I think we knew right away because that's how you get to know a person - you talk about things that you each like. What was excellent was that, a lot of the time, we liked the same things. Not to mention the fact that we were BOTH dressed up when we first met at the opening night of a Star Wars movie. - Jason

Star Wars Couple Q&A | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "How was your wedding?" - Zelia Poet

A: We got married on August 30, 2008. Our wedding had a black, red and white theme with silver accents and was definitely on the more traditional and fancy side. My dress reminded me very much of Belle's gold gown that she wears when dancing with the Beast which is one of the reasons I loved it so much (I couldn't find the photos I wanted to share of it but I will at a later time). There surprisingly wasn't very much Star Wars involved but we did have the Throne Room Theme Song played when we were announced as Husband and Wife which was pretty epic! Overall it was very much of a fairy tale night that we celebrated with over two hundred of our family and friends under the stars. - Jenmarie

Star Wars Couple Q&A | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "What was his/your pick up line?" - Katey Jansma

A: Honestly, SHE approached ME. I had seen her walk by a few times, and the circle of guys that I was there with at the time (the midnight showing for AOTC) kept making comments to each other about her every time she passed by - respectful ones, I assure you. Anyway... She finally came up to me with this wild story about how she had a website dedicated to Star Wars and she wanted to interview me for it. OBVIOUSLY, she quickly created a site once she saw me so that she had a plausible excuse to get my personal information and stalk me. LOGIC.
- Jason

Star Wars Couple Q&A | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "As a couple, what is your biggest Star Wars debate?" - Nicola Adele

A: Our biggest debate, even though it's a running joke that we've been teasing each other about for the LONGEST time, is who is the bigger Star Wars fan? But just recently Jason had a confession to make and actually told me that I was. Which I always knew anyways. :P - Jenmarie

A: For years, it has been "Who is the bigger Star Wars fan?" My one-on-one (and otherwise) winning record at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit was my go-to for claiming that title for myself. Duh. But recently, I came to realize... She is. She just is.
- Jason

We hope you enjoyed reading through our answers! Thanks for participating and MTFBWY!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Smuggler's Bounty: Solo Unboxing

Who's ready to see Solo!? This month's Smuggler's Bounty box is packed full of awesome exclusive merchandise from the Solo movie! There is one item in particular that they haven't included in their boxes in a LONG time which I was really excited about. Any guesses? I'm also 100% satisfied with the figures that were included - they are seriously gorgeous! Watch our unboxing video below and let me know in a comment below or in a Tweet if you also got this box and what your favorite item was!

Smuggler's Bounty is the only official Star Wars subscription box by Funko. The next box will be sent out in July and is Revenge of the Sith themed! Please note that unless you're already an annual subscriber (or have been previously), auto-renewal is turned off. You will need to manually order your boxes until September. After September Smuggler's Bounty will be available to purchase through an exclusive retailer. Those who have never been a subscriber of Smuggler's Bounty will not be able to order the last two boxes as Funko is not currently accepting anymore new subscriptions due to this change.

Disclosure: This Smuggler's Bounty box was provided by Funko. All opinions are 100% our own.