Thursday, January 12, 2017

Smuggler's Bounty: The Empire Strikes Back Unboxing

This month's Smuggler's Bounty box, the only Official Star Wars subscription box by Funko, came super early for me! In case you hadn't already heard, the theme of this month is The Empire Strikes Back which includes the first Funko Pop Deluxe of Han Solo riding a Taun Taun! There are other fantastic and 100% exclusive items in this box as well including an introduction to a new line of Funko items. Watch my husband and me open this box below!

Smuggler's Bounty costs $25 for each box (not including taxes, shipping, and handling) and is shipped out every other month! The next box will arrive on our doorsteps in March and is Star Wars Rebels themed! Ahh!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Rogue One Scene

Welcome to the sixteenth Star Wars ComLINKS! Star Wars ComLINKS is the very first monthly link up centered around a galaxy far, far away. The purpose of this link up is to inspire fans to write/talk about various topics (which are assigned each month) pertaining to our favorite fandom. Each link up will take place on the second Wednesday of every month. You will be able to share a link to your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. on a special widget here on AAHA and also view other posts from fans!

The Topic for January is "Favorite Rogue One Scene" and begins today through January 25th!

Which scene from Rogue One was your absolute favorite and why? How did it stand out from the rest of the film? Did it impact you in a special way? These are just a few prompts to help you get started.


1) Your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. does NOT have to be SW related.
2) Your entry must be family-friendly.
3) Please include a link to (or mention) "Star Wars ComLINKS" in your entry and don't forget to use the hashtag #starwarscomlinks when applicable!

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Rogue One Scene

It may seem like an easy out to say that the final Darth Vader sequence is my favorite scene in Rogue One, but it couldn't be more true. For a long time before the movie hit theaters I had guessed that Darth Vader would be the one to wipe the Rebels out, specifically the main characters. But after witnessing their saddening demise one by one, I was not expecting the Sith Lord to show up during any action sequence quite like I imagined for the remainder of the film. But I knew I was in for a real surprise once his crimson red lightsaber lit up. My eyes widened with excitement and at the same time I could literally feel the fear that engulfed the Rebels once they realized what they were up against. The terror on their faces and their haunting screams were so incredibly authentic as Darth Vader brutally took out each and every one of the crew members who couldn't break free from the jammed door that would allow them to escape to the Tantive IV. As horrific as this scene was, it was also amazing to see my favorite Star Wars character in action! Besides Star Wars Rebels, we have not seen Vader handle a lightsaber and use the force like the way he did in this scene and though short, it was very satisfying to see him so determined to take back the Empire's property in such an assertive way. It's no wonder that so many fans have voiced that they want a Darth Vader movie after seeing that epicness.

I also loved the very last shot of Vader walking up to the edge of the Profundity's docking bay hatch - lightsaber still activated and cape swaying as he watched the Death Star plans take way into hyperspace. Can you imagine how much more infuriated he must've been? From beginning to end, this scene could not have been executed more beautifully. The actors, the score, the visuals. Everything was perfect! Later on I realized that what had just taken place was literally just moments before the events of A New Hope. I have yet to watch the first Star Wars film since but I know that I will never be able to watch it the same way again.

So, what did you think of this scene? I'd love to know your thoughts! Leave a comment below or Tweet me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Princess Leia - Small But Fierce

Princess Leia - Small But Fierce | Anakin and His Angel

As this sad day comes to an end, I have found myself even more devastated over the loss of Carrie Fisher who passed away this morning after suffering from a heart attack just four days ago.

Princess Leia was the first character I wanted to be from Star Wars as a child. I remember gathering the proper pieces from my large bin filled with dress-up clothes that would resemble her so that I could make up my own adventures in a galaxy far, far away. I was and always will be a fan of her simple but elegant wardrobe and the exquisite hairstyles she rocked. She was one of the very first figures I picked up at the start of my Star Wars collection, and is the other half to the duo that I am whole heartedly obsessed with.

She was someone like me - small but fierce, and at the time the only heroine in the franchise that I could relate to. My, what a long way we have come since then! Thank you, Carrie, for being you, for bringing such a fabulously admirable character that represents so much to life, and for proving that girls can be pretty, and have a brain and get in on the action!

Tonight, I honor you by rocking the buns.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Star Wars OOTD: Rogue One Ready

Star Wars OOTD: Rogue One Ready | Anakin and His Angel

Star Wars OOTD: Rogue One Ready | Anakin and His Angel

Star Wars OOTD: Rogue One Ready | Anakin and His Angel

Star Wars OOTD: Rogue One Ready | Anakin and His Angel

Star Wars OOTD: Rogue One Ready | Anakin and His Angel

What I Wore

Tee: Smuggler's Bounty
Knit Jeggings: America Eagle
Cardigan: H&M
Boots: Nordstrom
Scarf: Gifted
Beanie: Harvester Products

I didn't quite know what I would be wearing to see Rogue One until I received my bi-monthly Smuggler's Bounty box last month. Surprised? So was I. Thankfully, there was an incredible shirt inside showcasing the lead characters from Rogue One in Funko Pop form. The adorableness made up my mind instantly! The shirts included in these one-of-a-kind Star Wars subscription boxes by Funko are always so creatively designed and are extremely soft. I quite honestly can't ever go back to stiff, boxy tees after discovering quality like this.

I don't believe there's a better way to add more depth to your outfit than to layer. Doing so truly makes the outfit your own and gives you so many different ways of wearing one particular piece from your closet. For example, I paired this tee with an over-sized cardigan, and a few winter-esque accessories. The results are a casually put together outfit that doesn't look too fussy and is 100% cozy, making it perfect for a night at the theater. I am SO ready to see this movie!

If you're curious to see what else was in last month's box, you can watch my unboxing video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Tsum Tsum Release Date

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Tsum Tsum Release Date

Just when I was wondering when the next Star Wars Tsum Tsums would be released, The Empire Strikes Back set was announced late last night! The six character set will debut at Disney Stores and on the Disney Store website on December 20th. The characters include: General Veers, K-3PO, an AT-AT Driver, a 2-1B Droid, a Snowtrooper, and Princess Leia. I can't wait to see more detailed shots, especially of the AT-AT Driver and Leia!

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Tsum Tsum Release Date

But wait, that's not all! Disney is releasing the very first Star Wars Tsum Tsum Bag set on the 20th as well! Typically, these sets have about a $30 price point. However, I will be updating this post as soon as the price is revealed. In the mean time, let us marvel at the creativity and cuteness! The bag itself is a soft and squishy Taun Taun who is probably deceased considering his eyes are closed and the bottom of the bag opens to reveal more characters. But, you know, we could just pretend he's taking a nap. Inside, we also get another Taun Taun in mini form who is clearly alert and happy, as well as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and a Wampa! This is an obvious need for any Star Wars collector.

What do you think about the new series? Which character is your favorite?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Not Your Average Star Wars T-Shirts

Ever since the announcement of The Force Awakens along with the rest of the films and projects to follow, Star Wars t-shirts have been more popular than they ever have been. It's always a thrill to see the different designs that turn up in stores every month, but I also enjoy browsing creations made by fans who sell them through their online businesses. Below you will find a few that I discovered that I am particularly fond of and greatly felt the need to share with you.

Not Your Average Star Wars T-Shirts | Anakin and His Angel

My Little Taun Taun by Graphic Lab | $18 - $21

I love a good Star Wars mash-up and this one is just too cute for words! Though the text does happen to made up of Taun Taun guts, the creativity and overall chub factor really put any gross feelings to rest.

This shirt is available for men and women in sizes Small through 3X-Large. Be sure to check out the rest of their designs here. You may just find a "My Little Bantha" shirt while you're looking ;)

Not Your Average Star Wars T-Shirts | Anakin and His Angel

Skywalker Metal by So Metal Apparel | $18

Many individuals have a love for Star Wars and metal music. My friends, this is what happens when the two collide. A simple design that screams an obvious amount of awesomeness!

This shirt is available for men and women in sizes Small through X-Large. You can find many other great 80's inspired shirts on their homepage!

Not Your Average Star Wars T-Shirts | Anakin and His Angel

626 On Hoth! by Beep Boop Beep | $20

If this isn't one of the best Star Wars and Disney mash-ups, than I don't know what is! I love that Lilo's doll Scrump is even wearing Luke's goggles. The little details are fantastic!

This shirt is available for men and women in sizes Small through 5X-Large and can be ordered as a Classic Tee, V-neck, etc. Browse the rest of their Star Wars mash-ups here!

Not Your Average Star Wars T-Shirts | Anakin and His Angel

Shoretrooper by Silk It 2 Me | $20

I don't know anyone who isn't excited for the new Troopers in Rogue One! This Shoretrooper {aka Scariff Trooper} shirt is one of the best I've seen and would be a great choice to wear for your first viewing of the film!

This is a unisex shirt available in sizes Small through 3X-Large. Shop the rest of their designs here and take advantage of their Holiday sale!

Which of these four designs is your favorite?