Star Wars Rebels Season 1 on Blu-ray

Star Wars Rebels Season 1 on Blu-ray | Anakin And His Angel

Great news! has listed a release date of September 1st for Star Wars Rebels Season 1 on Blu-ray. Finally, right!? Plus, you can pre-order it for $41.39 with free shipping!

In the mean time, you can purchase the forty-five minute episode, Spark of the Rebellion, for $9.99 on Blu-ray almost anywhere. I picked my copy up at Best Buy. All I had been able to think about was re-watching the show, so last week I went out and bought it! Embarrassingly, my husband and I JUST saw the full season when had it online to watch for free during May the 4th weekend. I fell in love with the characters instantly, was floored by the music and the many references to the original films, and of course, was ecstatic over the return of one of my favorite characters, Ahsoka!!! Rebels is definitely more kid friendly than The Clone Wars but it doesn't feel any less like Star Wars. It has a great story and I'm anxiously awaiting to discover how it continues in the second season which debuts on June 20th!

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