Links à la Mode: Kylo Ren Inspired Makeup

I am proud to say that my post, Star Wars Covergirl: Kylo Ren Inspired Makeup, was featured on the Independent Fashion Blogger's weekly link roundup! If you haven't seen it yet, I would love for you to! Below you'll find the list of links that were chosen. Congratulations, everyone!

My favorite part of Halloween has always been more the costume and makeup, and less the trick or treating. I was lucky to have a mother who enjoyed making costumes, and every year she would make a costume to both our liking. Aside from the year that I begged for a plastic tablecloth like one from the drug store, I’ve never had a store bought run of the mill costume. No, my preference was and still is something that is carefully curated. It’s also one of my favorite parts about fashion. To take ordinary, when separate, wardrobe pieces and combine them to make a cohesive and exciting story of an outfit… or a character.

I found it interesting that the trends mentioned by IFB Bloggers this time are all items I have worn as part of past Halloween costumes – faux fur, stoles, vests, scarves, and tights. Not to say current trends are costumey, but they are eye catching, and when combined with the right pieces can take an everyday outfit or costume to the next level.

There are also some wonderful Halloween themed posts regarding DIY costumes, makeup, and iconic people who were known for taking costuming and theatrics beyond the stage and Halloween. Dresscode:HighFashion put together an excellent collection of runway looks for a Halloween night of glamorous terror. I’ll take one Vivienne Westwood gown, one pair of Alexander McQueen scalloped detail shoes, and finish my look off with Alexander McQueen’s black rose brass knuckles handbag. Please. I’ll figure out what to call my costume later.

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