Star Wars ComLINKS: What A Piece of Junk!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Star Wars ComLINKS: What A Piece of Junk! | Anakin And His Angel

Star Wars ComLINKS: What A Piece of Junk! | Anakin And His Angel

I didn't even need to think twice about this question. The TIE Fighter is my favorite ship. Their sounds are on my list of probably Top 10 (If you don't have a favorite sounds list, you're the weird one, not me!). Ben Burtt, the sound designer of Star Wars, combined an elephant call with a car driving on wet pavement to create the iconic sounds of the TIE Fighters. It really commands attention with it's powerful roar that echos as it passes by leaving a haunting chill as you await for it to come around again. Though technically the first time we see a TIE is when Han is following one towards the Death Star after Alderaan has been destroyed, I consider their official introduction to be when Princess Leia calls out to Han & Luke in the Millenium Falcon, "Here they come!". It's an exciting yet suspenseful moment because you don't really know what to expect! Their simplistic and compact design makes it easy for them to get around quickly but at the same time they're like little ants scattering around trying not to get hit making them swift but fragile. They're definitely more powerful when there's several of them in battle but in the end it's always the other pilots who outrank them. Maybe we'll get a better TIE pilot in The Force Awakens?

Star Wars ComLINKS: What A Piece of Junk! | Anakin And His Angel

My absolute favorite is the original TIE Fighter but I also love Vader's TIE Advanced, the TIE Bomber, the TIE Interceptor, and yes, even Sabine's glorious work of art in the first season of Star Wars Rebels. Her artistic touch gave the TIE a vibrant new life that is both edgy and funky. Though the bright colors and patterns would stick out like a sore thumb in space, if it had Sabine as it's pilot it'd last a lot longer than the rest of them out there! It's a shame we didn't get to see more of this TIE. And how come there weren't any official models or toys made after it? I'm actually bewildered by that!

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