Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Star Wars ComLINKS: On The Big Screen

Star Wars ComLINKS: On The Big Screen | Anakin And His Angel

Star Wars ComLINKS: On The Big Screen | Anakin And His Angel

There are a few characters who I'd love to see on the big screen but my absolute first choice would be Ahsoka Tano. When I first saw The Clone Wars movie, I thought Ahsoka was cute but I never expected her to become one of my favorite Star Wars characters of all time. I soon realized what a unique character she was and I admired her spunky demeanor and skillful tactics. Ashley Eckstein did such an incredible job of bringing Ahsoka to life and there are so many things that I love about her! Because The Clone Wars had such remarkable character development, I felt that I was truly able to watch her grow as Anakin's padawan through her mistakes, inner challenges, and accomplishments. It was a very raw experience which allowed me to feel that I fully knew who she was, much like my understandings with the characters in the films. I was so heartened to see her again in Rebels and though we haven't seen nearly as much of her as I'd like, it's clearly obvious that she has become quite the Jedi Master.

Star Wars ComLINKS: On The Big Screen | Anakin And His Angel

I know I'm not the only one who has wondered what her journey looked like in between TCW and Rebels and though there have been no hints that we will ever see that story, how incredible would it be if there were to be a film or even a television series that covered that period of time in her life? I've thought a lot about who I would like to see play Ashoka and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure I have settled on one person. It's difficult to choose someone when there are such big shoes to be filled. I naturally discussed this with my husband (he is also a huge fan) and we thought of two actresses who we think might be really good fits. Emma Stone is not someone who's work we have seen a lot of but we think that she has a very similar look to Ahsoka's, especially in the eyes. This would obviously be a huge factor in casting the role. Now, Bryce Dallas Howard we have seen more of and her diversity is something that we think would work well with Ahsoka's character. She doesn't have the look as much as Stone does but we think that some make-up could do the trick. Of course, there might be someone even better suited who isn't as well known as these ladies which I think is always refreshing to see, especially within a franchise like Star Wars.

I'm curious, who do you think would make the perfect Ahsoka Tano? Leave a comment below or send me a Tweet!

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