Smuggler's Bounty Resistance Unboxing

Smuggler's Bounty is the first and only official Star Wars subscription box by Funko. For $25 (plus S+H) you'll receive a handful of fantastic collectibles, some which are exclusive to the box. If you're a Star Wars fan and a collector, this is the box for you! I received the first box which was First Order themed in November and absolutely loved it! I'm a huge collector of Funko Pops so I went a bit wild over the two that were included (a chrome plated Captain Phasma and a variant TIE Fighter Pilot). Needless to say, there was no hesitancy in getting the Resistance themed box in January. I decided to record the unboxing since I didn't get to with the first one. Please don't watch if you are still waiting for your box and don't want to know what's inside as I go through and talk about everything!

If you've missed out on the first two boxes and want to get it on the fun, you can sign up for the Cantina box which debuts in March on the Smuggler's Bounty website.


  1. You are so adorable! I love how enthusiastic you are, it got me excited too! My box was exactly the same, down to the loose pin floating around on top. I'm looking forward to the next box!

  2. Aww, thank you! The boxes have been great so far and I love that each one has a theme! March can't come quickly enough!