Star Wars 2016 Itty Bittys

Star Wars 2016 Itty Bittys | Anakin And His Angel

It's an exciting year for Itty Bitty collectors who happen to also be Star Wars fans! We have a handful of great new characters that will be making their debut this year including the cutest droid around, BB-8! He is finally available to pre-order at the Hallmark website with an approximate February 16th shipping date. Act fast because the website lists him as "limited quantity"!

Star Wars 2016 Itty Bittys | Anakin And His Angel

The Boba Fett Itty Bitty and Ewok 2-pack (featuring Wicket and Chief Chirpa) are due to be released in February but neither of them have turned up on the Hallmark website just yet. Keep checking back for updates on when they become available!

In July we will also see Kylo Ren and Rey Itty Bitty Keychains!

According to the official Itty Bitty 2016 Brochure, these are the only new Star Wars Itty Bittys we should expect to see throughout the end of the year but I'm secretly hoping there will be a few more thrown in there unexpectedly ;)

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  1. Don't roll your eyes, but my 16 year old's name is Anakin and I'm hoping and praying for an Anakin Itty Bitty! I just found your blog googling for one. LOL!