Skywalker Hair

Skywalker Hair | Anakin And His Angel

There's no doubt that the volume is strong within the Skywalker family. Luxuriant strands of perfect locks, and beachy waves is a prominent feature amongst this crowd. That's not even including the intricate hair styles including the iconic buns that the ladies donned.

It all started with the star-crossed couple, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala. Anakin sported different hairstyles growing up, but once he grew it out no one could deny that ravishing look. His randomly placed mix of curls and waves always looked on point, even after battle which is either quite unrealistic or just plain lucky. You decide. As for Padme, she had the hair of a true Queen. Her long locks were beautiful let down and exquisite when pinned up in unique and eye-catching styles. Each of them had hair with fantastic body that was rich in texture so it's no surprise that the impeccable hair gene passed on to their children and grandchild.

Luke was more of a dirty blonde like his father was when he was a child though it also darkened some as he aged. His hair is clearly much finer than either of his parents but he sported a fantastic loose wave that even the Tatooine winds agreed with. As for Leia, she inherited her mothers long brunette hair with a rhythmic wave. Her hairstyles, though plainer, were also similar and royal in nature. The buns were most definitely in the blood!

Then came along a Smuggler with thick brown hair that was occasionally fluffy and nothing short of effortless. Han was the perfect match for Leia and thus the hair story continued with their son, Ben Solo, who inherited the volume of his grandfather and was needless to say, the fluffiest of them all. He had his helmet to thank for that! Lightsaber battles also seemed to agree with him. Even in the cold, wet snow.

I'm not sure what their secret is but obviously they have more going for them than just the force.

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