The Force Awakens Funko Pop Glam Shots & Purchasing Exclusives

The Force Awakens Funko Pop Glam Shots & Purchasing Exclusives | Anakin and His Angel

The Force Awakens Funko Pop Glam Shots & Purchasing Exclusives | Anakin and His Angel

The Force Awakens Funko Pop Glam Shots & Purchasing Exclusives | Anakin and His Angel

As many of you remember, the concept art for the next wave of The Force Awakens Funko Pop! figures were released in February. We've been anxiously waiting to see the final results and finally, surprised us on Star Wars Day with the photos we've been waiting for plus a handful of surprise variations of some of our favorite characters, and a few others from the Original Trilogy! As of right now, we can expect to start finding all these figures in July!

Most of the figures (except for the exclusives, Luke on Bespin, Luke on Endor, and Dagobah Yoda) are all available to pre-order on the Gamestop website and in stores. Each figure is priced at $11.99. If you order online, you pay the full price when checking out. However, if you order in the store, they only require a $5 down payment with the rest of the amount due at pick-up.

Now, let's talk about the exclusives in order of their appearance above.

First, we have the TARGET EXCLUSIVE, Maz Kanata. I don't know about you, but I think this version of her without her goggles may be slightly cuter. She is also carrying Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber, which is a obviously a plus. Target exclusives are one of the hardest to find and it's important to know that not all Target locations receive the exclusive Funko Pops. My tip? The May The Funko Be With You Facebook group is wonderful at setting up lists for people who are in need of a certain figure but don't want to overpay. Those who are able to get their hands on the figures go through the list in order of which the names were added and from there a transaction is made!

Next up is the GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE Rey with the X-Wing helmet. This is probably my favorite of all the new Pops. I truly love this scene in the film and I adore that she's holding her X-Wing pilot doll. Anyhow, as I stated above, she is currently available to pre-order so you should have no problem obtaining this figure. Gamestop also receives more replenishment of exclusives overtime though considering how much people are talking about this figure, I'd pre-order it if I were you.

The Poe Dameron HOT TOPIC EXCLUSIVE is another I don't think will be too hard to get as every single store will receive this figure and it'll be available online to order as well. In my experience, Hot Topic receives more of their exclusives after the hype of finding the figure has somewhat died. This is definitely one of my favorite variations of Poe. I was hoping we'd see him in his jacket!

The hardest to get of all of these, I think, will be the WALGREENS EXClUSIVE Rey. I've never found an exclusive at my locations and I know a lot of people have a hard time scouting figures released there as well. One of the ways to tell if your Walgreens has the Pop you're looking for is to go on their website and search "Funko Pop". Typically, there will be one result that comes up (it's usually Yoda for me). This figure represents all of their Star Wars Funko Pop inventory. The key is to do a location search and if the results display more than 2-5 in stock, the chances of them carrying the exclusives are higher. I think this version of Rey is going to be a popular one since everyone loves this particular "outfit change". This figure will look perfect paired with the new Luke Skywalker Pop!

Poe is in demand apparently because there's another variation of him in his jumpsuit and without his helmet which is exclusively available for pre-ordering at F.Y.E. If you're a member, the price is $13.49. Otherwise he is $14.99 without a membership. The current release date for this particular figure is July 10th.

So, which figures are you planning on getting?


  1. I really REALLY like the Rey pop for Walgreens. I'm kinda disappointed it's an exclusive, but I'll be on the look out! :) I also really like the Rey pop with her lightsaber. It's so cute!

    1. You can pre-order the Rey with lightsaber at Gamestop. Good luck!