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Star Wars ComLINKS: Weapon of Choice | Anakin And His Angel

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The Topic for July is "Favorite Trooper" and begins today through July 27th!

There are several different Troopers throughout the Galaxy that all have unique armor and have undergone various types of training to carry out their specific duties. I don't know about you but I've been a "Trooper" girl since the very beginning! Choose a favorite (or two if you must) Trooper and talk about why they stand out to you. Which design or color scheme do you like best? Which Trooper has the best weapon? The most loyalty? Is there a Trooper that gets to have more fun than the rest? These are just a few prompts to help you get started. However you choose to share about why the Trooper you chose is your favorite is completely up to you! Get creative!


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Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Trooper | Anakin and His Angel

After much deliberation, I was surprisingly able to pick one Trooper that I favor just slightly more than the others. It was so difficult for me because I'm such a huge fan of all the Troopers and their different personalities, armor, weapons, and areas of expertise. In the end, I decided that the Sandtrooper gets my vote (FYI: I realized I could've chosen Phasma after I wrote this entire post and I feel it quite necessary to mention I love them both equally). Although they are essentially the original troopers, they do carry extra equipment for the desert sands of Tatooine which include cooling units, a helmet sand filter, and a survival backpack which contains food and water for their arduous search of two droids we all know and love. These essentials combined with armor that looks like it's been bathed in dirt gives them a "ready for battle" vibe that unfortunately many of the Troopers don't exactly live up to. But it doesn't stop them from looking really cool.

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Trooper | Anakin and His Angel

I remember when the Special Editions were released and how excited I was over the fact that the Sandtroopers were given Dewbacks as travel buddies. I have since been rather obsessed with this man and beast combo and remember adoring the action figure set my brothers had. Overall, I enjoy everything about this scene though I wish that it was extended even further so that we could see just how long they were searching for the droids in that particular setting. But we all know how it ended, "Look sir, droids." Iconic, much?

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Trooper | Anakin and His Angel(My Vinylmation & Vinylmation Jr. Sandtroopers)

My favorite of the Sandtroopers is the Commander with the orange pauldron. The various pauldron colors specify one's rank, which obviously is essential when you look like the rest of your squad. This, I feel, is important because they're all different and deserve to be recognized for who they are. We got to know many of the Troopers during The Clone Wars, but don't know much of anything about those in the original films. So, little details like the pauldrons make me happy because it gives us a very small taste of who they are. Speaking of which, I hope we get to know more about Finn's past in the continuation of The Force Awakens and I also hope that Rogue One highlights at least one of the new Troopers and their story. We need more Trooper love!

FUN FACT: When I was a child, I thought you couldn't be a Sandtrooper without the orange pauldron and I didn't find out the significance behind the pauldrons until much later in my adult years. In the words of Master Yoda, "How embarrassing, HOW EMBARRASSING."

Honorable Trooper mentions: Captain Phasma, Original Snowtrooper, First Order Stormtrooper, and the upcoming Death Trooper.

Which Trooper is your favorite?


  1. You know, I thought for a moment about going with the Sandtrooper, too. I always really liked that they looked dirty and it was cool seeing the orange pauldron (love that it kept being used for other types of troopers!!!).

    BTW, did you ever end up getting your Funko Sandtrooper???

    1. See? It's so hard to choose a favorite! I also liked that they continued to use the pauldrons.

      And no, I haven't got it yet.

  2. Hello Jen! Jaclynn and I are good blogging friends and I recently discovered yours. :) Your blog is pretty sweet! (Almost as sweet as donuts, but not quite, hehe! XD ) I am I HUGE fan of Star Wars! (My middle name is Rae! :D) Anyhow, you've got one amazing blog here! I can't wait to binge-read some of your posts!
    Hmmm...oh favorite trooper? It's got to be a tie between Finn and Phasma, although I'm leaning toward Finn. :)

    Grace | The Girl Upstairs

    1. Hi Grace! Nice to meet you :)

      That's so cool that your name is Rae. Enjoy browsing and reading. Thanks so much for visiting!

  3. I probably should have chosen Phasma since there are four versions of her on my desk, but I think of her more as an individual than a generic trooper since, as far as we know, there's only one such strikingly-clad character in the First Order (if we do find out that all captains wear chrome then I'm going to have to change my answer though).