Princess Leia - Small But Fierce

Princess Leia - Small But Fierce | Anakin and His Angel

As this sad day comes to an end, I have found myself even more devastated over the loss of Carrie Fisher who passed away this morning after suffering from a heart attack just four days ago.

Princess Leia was the first character I wanted to be from Star Wars as a child. I remember gathering the proper pieces from my large bin filled with dress-up clothes that would resemble her so that I could make up my own adventures in a galaxy far, far away. I was and always will be a fan of her simple but elegant wardrobe and the exquisite hairstyles she rocked. She was one of the very first figures I picked up at the start of my Star Wars collection, and is the other half to the duo that I am whole heartedly obsessed with.

She was someone like me - small but fierce, and at the time the only heroine in the franchise that I could relate to. My, what a long way we have come since then! Thank you, Carrie, for being you, for bringing such a fabulously admirable character that represents so much to life, and for proving that girls can be pretty, and have a brain and get in on the action!

Tonight, I honor you by rocking the buns.

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  1. I felt a strong disturbance in the Force. As if thousands of voices cried out in pain because Carrie Fisher was silenced. Rest in Peace.