The Empire Strikes Back Mystery Minis HUGE Unboxing

The Empire Strikes Back Mystery Minis HUGE Unboxing | Anakin and His Angel

Funko's Mystery Minis figures are probably my second favorite after their Pop! line. I love a good blind box and the size and design of these mini bobble head vinyls are just too cute for me to say "no" to. Late last month their newest Star Wars Mystery Minis began hitting BoxLunch and Hot Topic which is where I picked mine up from. This series is dedicated to The Empire Strikes Back, my favorite of the Original Trilogy! There are twelve characters to collect as well as nine exclusives that you could pull from various retail stores.

The Empire Strikes Back Mystery Minis HUGE Unboxing | Anakin and His Angel

My mom, sister and I grabbed an entire case and then some and filmed an unboxing video! Did we get any rare figures? Exclusives? You'll just have to watch the video below to find out! Let me know in a comment below or in a Tweet if you picked these up and which characters you got.

These Mystery Mini figures are $7.90 each at BoxLunch and Hot Topic. BoxLunch always has a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" deal on everything $10 and under and Hot Topic often runs promotions as well. I have yet to see them online or in stores at Gamestop or Target.


  1. Lots of repeats though. Love the mystery minis just don't think I could deal with get the same 1/6th rarities over and over again.

    1. Repeats are always likely to happen but I think between the three of us we did pretty good! Only one of us ended up with a double because we traded. Typically after a large unboxing like this if I find that there are still characters I want I'll just buy them off of eBay. Thanks for reading!