Finding the Joy in Solo: A Star Wars Story

Finding the Joy in Solo: A Star Wars Story | Anakin and His Angel

Welcome to the first post in a new series here on Anakin and His Angel where I will share my favorite moment in which one or more characters experiences joy from each of the Star Wars films. I'm kicking it off with Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Prequel Trilogy will be next thanks to your votes on Twitter!

I didn't have to think one second about the most joyous moment in Solo: A Story Wars Story. I instantly knew because of the way I felt when watching this particular scene and because of the exuberant expressions on the character's faces. That's right, I'm talking about the scene in which Solo & Qi'ra are reunited!

Finding the Joy in Solo: A Star Wars Story | Anakin and His Angel

Finding the Joy in Solo: A Star Wars Story | Anakin and His Angel

The very last person Han Solo was expecting to see was Qi'ra while on Dryden Vos' yacht, the First Light. In fact, the whole reason he joined Beckett's crew was to earn his way back to rescue Qi'ra from the hands of Proxima on Corellia so as far as he knew, Qi'ra was nowhere near his location. As Han kills time while trying not to make eye contact with anyone per Beckett's orders, he feels the touch of someone's hand on his shoulder. He turns around hesitantly and stares at Qi'ra in disbelief before pulling her close. As soon as their bodies meet in an embrace they smile. The love they had for each other could not have been more evident in this touching moment!

Finding the Joy in Solo: A Star Wars Story | Anakin and His Angel

Finding the Joy in Solo: A Star Wars Story | Anakin and His Angel

Han holds Qi'ra's face in the palm of his hands and the lines on their faces grow bigger as they continue to smile in each other's presence. In this moment we truly get to experience a very special joy that can only be felt when you finally get to see someone you care deeply about and maybe even love. Talking on the phone, texting, or even Skyping with someone is great but it's nothing like being able to have that person beside you especially after it's been a long time since you've seen them.

I never expected to feel so happy while watching this scene due to being very much against the idea of Han Solo being with anyone but Leia prior to seeing the film. But as soon as I saw the chemistry they had on screen, the feelings I had began to change. Their relationship grew on me and by this moment the joy they experienced in not having a care in the world where they were at or who was around won me over completely.

My belief is that both Han and Qi'ra loved one another. We see countless times throughout the film the decisions and sacrifices they make for each other. Han was extremely dedicated to their relationship. The emotional toll of their separation and not having the power to rescue her was clearly evident during the campfire discussions he had with Chewbacca, Rio Durant, Val, and Tobias Beckett on Vandor. When they were finally back together, nothing changed as far as Han was concerned. He continuously expressed to Qi'ra that he loved her and wanted to discuss what was next for them. However, things did change for Qi'ra. She now answered to Dryden Vos, the public face of Crimson Dawn. She was marked, in too deep to go with Han wherever that might have been. But she worried for his safety when he took up work with Dryden and did her best to protect him. She also tried to not let him get too close but that didn't work out quite as planned (Lando's closet anyone?). But at the end of their story, she stepped in and took care of the dirty work in an effort to keep Han clear of any consequences that taking Dryden's life would have caused. She let him escape but not before she let him know how she felt whenever she thought about him during their time apart. If that's not saying you love someone, then I don't know what is! But it was too late. She knew what she had to do. Did she want the power Dryden Vos had? I assume there was a part of her that did. What about Maul? Did she want to further develop her relationship with him? I think that's uncertain. The conclusion that I've come to is that she sacrificed herself so that Han wouldn't be on Crimson Dawn's radar, and that he would be able to be free unlike she was. Their story concludes with Qi'ra watching Han with misty eyes as the yacht slowly departs. Han is left standing there on Savareen speechless with his pal Chewbacca at his side.

Like many romances in Star Wars, they're beautiful but tragic. I most definitely like to remember the happy moments that I believe shaped both Han and Qi'ra's characters in a unique way. I personally think their story has ended but I'm most definitely interested in seeing what happens next in their journeys, and I love the idea of a Sequel.

In your opinion, what is the most joyous moment in Solo? Do you feel the same way about Han and Qi'ra's relationship as I do? Leave a comment below or get in touch with me on Twitter or Instagram.

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    1. Hopefully that's a good thing? Thanks for reading :)

  2. Love this! I agree. I think in Qi’ra and Han we see two people who loved each other, but were on different paths that just couldn’t combine in the end. Which is a beautiful similarity yet difference to Leia and Han, who were also on very different paths but forced those paths together because of their love.

    1. Right? It's so heartbreaking. I realized when I was finishing up this post that all romances, the ones that I could think of anyways, end up with unhappy stories and I don't know if I can take anymore :( Can we have one couple that lives happily ever after? lol! Thanks for reading!