The Reylo Merchandise You Need

I'm the kind of Reylo fan that completely adores the idea of Kylo Ren and Rey being together (I have a folder on my phone with almost 300 photos and fanarts of them). However, I'll also be ok if this doesn't become a reality in Episode IX because their force bond is something extraordinary that no fan can deny. It's a special kind of relationship and one I assume they'll always have. Now that we got my rather strong opinions out of the way I'm here to share with you the Reylo merchandise you need. There could honestly be a Part 2 to this post because there is that much fan-made merchandise out there but I did my best to round up some of my favorites for you to shop for the time being. Two things to remember while your browsing this list:

1. You should treat yourself once and a while.
2. Christmas is coming up!

The Reylo Merchandise You Need | Anakin and His Angel
Lilac Fox Designs | $10.76

This necklace is a beautiful representation of one of the most emotionally, and perhaps romantically, intense scenes in all of Star Wars. And how cute is that little star charm? You have the option of choosing different chain lengths and paying a little extra for a sterling silver chain over a silver plated chain as well.

The Reylo Merchandise You Need | Anakin and His Angel
MaxxMerch | $12.99

I love how detailed these gorgeous enamel pins of Kylo Ren and Rey are! The pins are gold plated and have glitter accents. Ohhh, fancy! Imagine how fabulous they'd look on your backpack or denim jacket! They can be purchased individually or as a set for $24.99.

The Reylo Merchandise You Need | Anakin and His Angel
Squadron Goals | $3.00

Let's be honest. What could be better than Kylo Ren and Rey Porgs? These little guys just want to come home with you! They are 2.5" x 2.5" vinyl stickers that are weather proof so you could even decorate your vehicle with these! Please note they aren't sold as a set and are $3.00 each.

The Reylo Merchandise You Need | Anakin and His Angel
Affettuoso | $2.69

This 3" x 3" vinyl sticker is the perfect reminder of a heartbreaking moment between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi. This would look fantastic on your laptop, a folder or even pinned up on your memory board.

TIP: This Etsy shop used to provide an enamel pin of this same sticker design. Be on the look out for a possible re-stock!

The Reylo Merchandise You Need | Anakin and His Angel
Jeff Langevin | $15.00

I'm aware of this gorgeous Reylo art print because my husband actually gifted it to me last year for Christmas. This is one of my favorite scenes from The Force Awakens and I love being able to look at it every single day. The price reflects an 8" x 11" print but there are also other sizes available.

The Reylo Merchandise You Need | Anakin and His Angel
TaoHuaWu | $25.00

I don't eat Sushi but I can't get over how cute this pin set of little Kylo and Rey is. They're so tiny and chubby! The addition of the "More!" quote from The Last Jedi is pretty much the best thing ever. I also love that they're only sold as a "set" ;)

The Reylo Merchandise You Need | Anakin and His Angel
Elithien | $15.99

In my opinion Elithien makes some of the most gorgeous Reylo artwork I have ever seen. There aren't many pieces I have seen of Kylo and Rey kissing as tenderly as this. Elithien owns a Sociecty 6 shop which allows you to pick your favorite artwork and turn it into anything from shirts, pouches, and even phone cases! You can also just order them as prints. Empire Reylo is one of my favorites!

The Reylo Merchandise You Need | Anakin and His Angel
Afterblossom | $17.99

I'm telling you, Reylo and Porgs are a thing! I completely adore this and basically want to own any item that Society 6 offers with this artwork. That's right! You can choose from prints, mugs, shirts, and even pillows. But wait, there's also Reylo Mermaid Artwork that you must see!

Which of these is your favorite? Let me know in a comment below or get in touch with me on Twitter or Instagram!


  1. I never put these two together. I'm a fan of Poe & Finn though :)

    1. Interesting! Do you prefer pairing anyone with Rey?

  2. I absolutely love this ship with every ounce of my heart! Seeing other people who don’t throw hate at this ship for no reason makes me so happy! Like, the Star Wars community doesn’t always understand that you don’t have to be aggressive about your opinions lol. But I love these characters so much!