Smuggler's Bounty: Jabba's Skiff Unboxing & Giveaway!

We are back with our regular Smuggler's Bounty unboxing videos! If you're wondering why my husband Jason and I didn't unbox the Cloud City box we simply had a miscommunication with Funko. We are hoping to get our hands on it at some point!

In case you were unaware Smuggler's Bounty is now exclusive to Amazon. They ship at the end of every other month on the 28th and arrive in a brown box which I think will help to prevent stolen boxes. Jabba's Skiff was the theme of December's box and we received it on January 4th so the shipping time was fast considering it was right in the middle of the Holidays!

Jabba's Skiff is a fantastic box which comes with two Funko Pops and I absolutely love one of them! There's no shirt in this box but the other items won't disappoint. Funko also tried their hand at something new which I think a lot of fans will appreciate. Watch our unboxing video above and let me know in a comment below or in a Tweet if you also got this box and what your favorite item was!


To enter to win this Funko Pop (photo is hidden to respect those who haven't received their box yet and don't want to be spoiled by the contents) which was included in the box, simply FOLLOW me on Twitter and RETWEET this post. A winner will be chosen on January 14th!

Congrats to Comiccollector8. You've won!

Smuggler's Bounty is the only official Star Wars subscription box by Funko. The next box will be available in February and the theme is Dagobah!

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