Star Wars Trading Post: Legacy Lightsaber Update

Star Wars Trading Post: Legacy Lightsaber Update | Anakin and His Angel

On Sunday, April 11th, I felt like taking a trip to Downtown Disney and adding one or two legacy lightsabers to our collection. So, my husband Jason and I headed straight for the Star Wars Trading Post and picked up Darth Maul's and Obi-Wan's hilts. Once we have them displayed, I'll do an updated lightsaber collection! In the mean time, you can find the last one I did in late 2020, here which includes how we display them!

I noticed while making our choices that there were several hilts not represented in the glass case. Below you'll find the list of lightsabers that were unavailable and those that are being discontinued.

Star Wars Trading Post: Legacy Lightsaber Update | Anakin and His Angel

Jedi Temple Guard - It was reported not that long ago that the Jedi Temple Guard lightsaber would be discontinued and sure enough, it was no longer available. I think that because the hilt doesn't belong to a primary character, it's not one that sold as much compared to the others. But that's just my opinion.

Asajj Ventress - The Nightsister's hilts were nowhere in sight. A CM informed us that they were also discontinued. This was the first I had heard of this discontinuation. Whether or not they got the last of their shipments in for this hilt is unknown to me.

Ahsoka Tano (Rebels) - It was first reported in Florida that Ahsoka's Rebels hilts were going to be discontinued and stock began to look scarce. I was also told a couple of times during different Downtown Disney trips that it would also be discontinued here in California. I found this hard to believe considering The Mandalorian Season 2 concluded just a few months ago. I figured these hilts would be highly sought after with many new fans being introduced to the character for the first time. The hilts were not available when we were there. I don't know if there are any other shipments due before it's gone forever but I wouldn't count on there being many left. I'm afraid I may have missed my chance at getting these.

Ahsoka Tano (TCW) - These hilts have gone in and out of stock quite often. Not only are they one of their newer releases but they also belong to one of most beloved characters in all of Star Wars, so this was no surprise to me. Everyone wants Ahsoka's lightsabers! The CM we spoke with didn't know when they would be getting more in.

Mace Windu - I was newly informed that Mace Windu's lightsaber would soon be discontinued. Without a doubt, Mace Windu's lightsaber is one of the most unique available. It's the one with the most gold which gives it a very regal look. If you've thought about picking this one up before, I'd suggest making up your mind soon. It was in stock when I was there!

Conclusion - With four hilts being discontinued all relatively at the same time, I imagine that this can mean only one thing. They're making room for new designs! So far, we only have confirmation of Cal Kestis' lightsaber but that won't be released until this Fall. I think it is likely that we could at least get one or two new additions before that. Could there be a surprise drop for May the 4th? Also, about a week ago, YakFace reported a rumor that there is a Rey Force FX Elite Lightsaber coming soon. If this is the case, it is possible that there will also be a legacy lightsaber version. Of course, there are many other options for hilts including Leia, Qui-Gon Jinn, Kanan Jarrus, and more!

Information & Tips - Upon entering the Star Wars Trading Post, be sure to take a ticket number for your opportunity to browse and purchase lightsaber hilts and blades.

They were out of the 26" ($44.99) blade but they did have the 36" and 31" in stock (both $49.99). I would suggest picking up a 31" blade whenever you get the chance as this size is only available if you build a lightsaber at Savi's. It was only made available after the parks shut down. Your Legacy Passholder Discount can be used on purchases of blades.

The line to get into the Trading Post seemed to be about 30 minutes during the late morning and mid-afternoon.

What do you think? Do the "discontinuations" mean anything? Which lightsabers would you like to see made available to purchase? Do you have any questions about the legacy lightsabers? Let me know in a comment below or get in touch with me on Instagram or Twitter.


  1. This post was so helpful! I am thinking about getting Ahsoka’s Clone Wars sabers. Do you know if they sell those at the Trading Outpost in Disney Springs in Orlando?

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad it helped. They do sell Ahsoka's TCW lightsabers at Florida but I do not know what stock currently looks like.