My Star Wars Facts & Opinions

My Star Wars Facts & Opinions | Anakin and His Angel

Occasionally when I share an opinion I have concerning Star Wars in a respectful way, I’ll lose followers. Honestly, every single time I think it's so silly because realistically, we're not always going to have the same opinions about Star Wars, and that’s ok. I know this is a topic that has been discussed time and time and again. It's unfortunate that fans feel like they can't share their opinions, or what they love about Star Wars in fear of the negative discourse that would ensue. Today I woke up and thought, "I'm going to share 10 things that some people might not know about me and Star Wars!". I hope this encourages you to share your thoughts and what you love about Star Wars if you want to. In my opinion, Star Wars should be celebrated!


1) I became a Star Wars fan through the Original Trilogy, my love for Star Wars doubled when I saw the Prequels, and currently, the Sequels are my favorite. I really love them all though! If I had to pick 3 favorites they’d be: The Rise of Skywalker, Revenge of the Sith, and The Empire Strikes Back.

2) Growing up, Luke Skywalker didn't really appeal to me as he did with most. But seeing what his character went through and how he rose above it in The Last Jedi made me a fan. It's really been an interesting journey seeing Luke in a new light over the last few years. I absolutely love what they did with his character in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett too!

3) I think Solo: A Star Wars Story is one of the most rewatchable Star Wars movies. I was very hesitant about Alden Ehrenreich playing Han Solo and against the thought of Han being with anyone but Princess Leia. But this film absolutely captivated me, and every concern I had was changed in the very beginning of the film. I learned my lesson in waiting to see what I think until after I've seen the movie!

4) I read the AOTC Novel in 1 day when it was first released. It is excellent! I love the way the novels incorporate the deleted scenes into the story, as well as the character's thoughts. It adds a whole other layer of depth. I remember the scene between Anakin and Obi-Wan on Mustafar in the ROTS novel just absolutely wrecking my emotions.

5) I’m not a huge Jabba the Hutt fan but I love collecting Jabba merchandise. I find that so much of his merchandise is adorable.

6) I met my husband Jason in line at the midnight showing of Attack of the Clones. This film will always hold a special place in my heart. You can read that story here if you'd like.

7) I think that Star Wars Rebels is such an underrated show. I truly believe that it contains some of the best Star Wars storytelling! Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano are my top two favorite characters and their scenes in this show are absolutely golden. I am beyond excited to see so many of these beloved characters again in the Ahsoka series later this year!

8) The Star Wars LEGO games are some of my favorite games ever! They're so amazing, creative, and fun.

9) I think Lightsabers are one of the best things about Star Wars. The very first scene I ever saw from Star Wars was when Obi-Wan handed Luke Skywalker his father’s lightsaber in A New Hope, so I think that’s why I’m so attached to them. I had never seen anything like it before on screen!

10) The Obi-Wan Kenobi series is my favorite show that's been created thus far. I think about it every day. Seeing Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor reprising their roles as some of the most iconic characters in Star Wars was truly a gift for me as a fan. It's really hard to find the right words to describe my love for this series. It makes me emotional on every level, and I'll always be thankful for it.

Can you relate to any of these? What's one of your Star Wars facts or opinions? Let me know in a comment below or get in touch with me on Instagram or Twitter.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I enjoyed reading it as a SW fan.

  2. I relate to SO much of this. Only, like, for me, it was Solo that made me a Han fan (and I totally agree about it being rewatchable, I just love seeing it and listening to the soundtrack. It has two great art of/making of books as well...I just adore them.) And I already loved Luke, but even *more* deeply since TLJ and all the new stuff on tv...

    I got into SW pretty much the same, the OT on VHS as a kid and then I was completely taken by the prequals. I loved them so much...and the level of ire from older fans drove me out of the fandom for years. :( I got back into it when The Force Awakens was announced; going to see that movie was one of the best moviegoing experiences I've had (at least since Revenge of the Sith, lol. I went to TFA in the same historic theater I'd seen RoTS, which was extra special.) I kinda hate all the online focus on picking favorites, I love almost all Star Wars more than I love almost everything else out there...but I probably love the Clone Wars/Fall of the Jedi era the most, followed by the Age of Resistance (sequels) tied with the High Republic, then the New Republic era, and the Rebellion/Galactic Civil War.

    Rebels and TCW were huge for me, made me love Star Wars in general so much more deeply. Along with all the great novels and comics...there's just SO much great stuff out there that adds to the world and the characters. I got to rewatch Rebels again in the last couple years and (after season one anyway) it was so completely amazing to see it again...

    Totally agree on the Obi-Wan series. Every episode and all the's like everything my little Revenge of the Sith loving self didn't dare to dream of. And it's all REAL now. I can't get over it and I never will. (We also got the wonderful novel Brotherhood at nearly the same time! Almost equal for me in how important and beloved it is.)


    1. Oh my gosh! That's so cool that Solo actually made you a Han Solo fan!

      I would say that The Force Awakens was also one of my most favorite movie theater experiences. I'll never forget it!

      The Clone Wars and Rebels are fantastic! I know so many people who became fans through watching those shows. They really add so much to the story!

      I've never read Brotherhood but I've heard great things!

  3. (...)
    I'm totally into lightsabers more and more, myself; ever since I got Rey's TBS (thanks in part to YOUR review of it!) Life changing, tbh. I'm going to end up with way too many lol!

    But my one added fact, but Andor didn't work for me and was so depressing. I tried so hard to cope with it, to accept that it wasn't going to be a fun or hopeful show. But it was just so dreary and depressing and so slooowww at a time when I just couldn't brush that off. I've loved lots of dark SW stories, even some with less action or romance or whatever, but geeze. Every week I'd realize Wednesday was approaching and feel awful. And yet so many fans call it the best thing Star Wars has ever done! I hate to ick other people's yum, but what show were they watching? That's how I feel. How can something so slow and joyless--so one note!--be the "best thing ever"? In Empire Strikes Back Harrison put in the "I know" line b/c he understood the audience needed a moment to feel another emotion, a moment of a sort of levity... Tom Hanks, in an interview I just listened to on Bullseye, said that it's "boring" when a film/tv show is humorless--no matter how serious the story is (and he made Greyhound! Did the less serious moments ruin that film? No way!) you can't just have *one* emotion and tone the whole time. I don't understand how people don't see this. I completely shut down on the penultimate episode of Andor b/c it was just misery, misery, misery, a slow death march to more misery...and I no longer cared if every character other than Mon Mothma (who was fab) dropped dead. They called it "realistic" and I just keep thinking of that young Resistance fighter in WWII who went into the woods to join the fight against Nazi Germany, ready to kill and die to resist the enemy, but she had her camera with her and one of the shots she got is her fellow fighters laughing with their arms around each other. Looking for all the world like Han and Luke hugging and walking together after destroying the Death Star (if I recall my scenes correctly.) THAT was real too, that photo, even if it was only one moment. And yet I never saw anything like that in Andor, so "realistic" a show. I feel like they said "realism" and meant "cynicism." I wish I was wrong...maybe the finale fixed everything I didn't like about the show; I don't know that I'll ever watch it and find out, though. And honestly, it's been really hard to be super into SW since then. :-/ Esp when I cannot escape people praising it...even Christmas with my own family, my brother's girlfriend (who has some truly toxic SW takes in general; I won't even repeat them b/c nobody needs that junk in their head) had to voice her adoration.

    1. Ahh! I'm so glad that my Rey lightsaber review helped you. It's one of my favorite lightsabers!

      I'm sorry you didn't enjoy Andor. It was a very different kind of Star Wars, that's for sure! While it wasn't my favorite show they've made, I did enjoy it. The acting, writing and overall look of the show astounded me! Every week I looked forward to what would happen next. The tone of it all fit to me considering what was happening during that time in the story - it was scary for the people newly fighting against the Empire and it all felt very authentic. I do prefer fast-paced, lightsaber-filled Star Wars but I don't think the opposite is bad, it's just different. I think a lot of the media we're use to these days it quite fast-paced so it's easy to get use to it. Those are just my thoughts though. There's SO much Star Wars content out there these days and we're not going to love it all, and that's ok.

  4. (...)
    I am trying to get over it, to try to remember there were a few little things I enjoyed about the series, and that we have great stuff coming out now and more to come. I LOVE the Bad Batch so much, and I need to watch Tales of the Jedi again b/c that was *amazing* and every month I have a pile of amazing comics to read, heaps of books coming out and waiting for me to catch up on... The Mandalorian coming out, Ahsoka coming out (tho I wish that was going to animated, I'm trying to keep an open mind.) And I want to learn how to play Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor, and I'm certainly looking forward to shows like Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte.
    --Not to mention so many sabers to collect--and Hot Toys! I wanna get Fennec Shand b/c I adore her, and I have Obi-Wan (from his series) and Attack of the Clones Anakin and Padme (both of whom I've wanted for that film forEVER) preordered. Not to mention all the wonderful art and prop replicas and cool stuff out there to collect.... There's so much to be happy about. It's hard to move on from the disappointment and darkness, tho.

    Oh, and on good days I dream of getting to go to Batuu or Celebration someday, bounding and cosplaying someday... It's really cool getting to see all that thru your insta and this blog. Life can be depressing and hard sometimes and as great as SW itself is, sometimes what you really need is to see what's out there in the real world, and to see who else out their shares their passion for it all. It's honestly really wonderful, all that you put out there.

    -(Barbara @ littlejediarchive on ig)

    1. It sounds like there's a lot of Star Wars projects that you do enjoy, and that's great! I'm really excited for the year ahead of us!

      I hope you get to visit Batuu soon! It's such a remarkable place. And of course, I'm always happy to share my adventures and finds with everyone. <3

  5. This was such a fun post to read and I'm definitely feeling inspired to draft my own version! I agree that Obi-Wan is near perfect and I wasn't a big Luke fan growing up either!

    1. Thank you so much, Kristin!

      I'm definitely feeling an Obi-Wan re-watch soon. I still think about it every day!

  6. I relate to most of these opinions, tbh! It's also so good to see another sequels fan out there (and who also loves tros and solo!!!!). The sequels are my favorite trilogy and genuinely mean so much to me, I love them so much. And tros is one of my favorite films (as is solo) though I constantly waffle on which is my absolute favorite (right now, it might be tlj?)

    I also felt that about Luke! I like him but the sequels made me appreciate him in a new way too, and I love seeing him in all the different media and what they're doing with his character!

    I love your blog, btw, and I hope you have a fantastic week!

    1. I love meeting other lovers of the Sequels! They're so good. I can't imagine Star Wars without characters like Rey, Kylo, Poe, and Finn.

      Thanks so much for your kinds words! MTFBWY!