Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Haul

One of my favorites things about Star Wars Celebration was having access to so much Star Wars merchandise all in one place! I thought I would come home with a lot more than I actually did. Part of the reason I didn't was because of how crowded it was, not to mention that people were stealing and hogging up everything (specifically the Celebration Store) just to turn around and sell it! Awful, right? I would be in line to buy something and check eBay to see so many items already listed! Let me just say that I don't think it's wrong to make a profit on something, but I do think it's totally different when you're scrambling around and grabbing multiples of each item with the pure intent to just try and make some money. AND if you're stealing it, that's even worse! With that said, I am still really happy with what I was able to buy! Instead of sharing photos I decided to film a video of everything I was able to get my hands on! Enjoy and be sure to subscribe if you're a Disney/Star Wars fan!

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