The Inquisitor & Chewbacca Vinylmations

The Inquisitor & Chewbacca Vinylmations | Anakin And His Angel

Today at Downtown Disney's D-Street, the Inquisitor Vinylmation from Star Wars Rebels was finally released! Once and a while these figures will come with a character accessory and much to my surprise, the Inquisitor came with his unique doubled bladed lightsaber! I think it totally makes this Vinylmation! He costs $16.95 and probably won't last very long on the shelves!

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The Inquisitor & Chewbacca Vinylmations | Anakin And His Angel

Also announced today was the Limited Edition Chewbacca Eachez. If you're unfamiliar with the "Eachez" Vinylmations, it means you can either pull the regular or the variant version. I'm assuming happy Chewie is the regular and prisoner Chewie is the variant. No, those aren't the official names just my own interpretations. ;) The Chewie Eachez release date is next Friday, June 19th and will be available at both D-Street locations for $16.95.

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