Rumor: Hayden Christensen Returning for Star Wars: Episode VIII?

One thing I need to make quite clear before talking about Hayden Christensen's possible return to Star Wars is that I really, really dislike rumors. It's not often you'll find me talking about them on here, and when I do, I make it quite clear that it is indeed a rumor. One of my pet peeve's is people taking them literally and going around sharing them as "facts". A lot of times rumors are so obviously fake that I wonder if there are people out there who have nothing better to do than make this stuff up and see who rolls with it. With that said, even though I really dislike rumors, some of them actually do get me excited and/or hopeful.

My husband and I had a conversation recently about how incredible it would be to see Darth Vader in his prime. We even discussed the possibility of an Obi-Wan Star Wars Story (previously referred to as an Anthology film) where he and Vader cross paths. Yes, we're aware the dialogue when they meet in A New Hope might not work if that were the case, but what if they met before and it was early enough for everything to coincide? Anyhow, enough with my ideas and theories and on to this rumor that I find particularly interesting... was told that, "A team in the U.K. are soon heading to the U.S. to begin training Hayden Christensen for a Star Wars: Episode VIII appearance of some sort."

Jason Word ( comments by saying, "I have a hard time thinking they would need Christensen to train for Star Wars if he’s simply a ghost. He is still physically fit. To me the rumor almost points towards some resurrection of Darth Vader story idea or perhaps a flashback? It makes it all hard to imagine. It also seems to be very different from the anti-prequel marketing going on for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I suppose Star Wars: The Force Awakens could be a confidence builder which could in turn allow them to bring back prequel era actors when appropriate to their story and not have too many older fans jump ship.".

If this rumor is true, I definitely believe it would be training for combat in Vader's suit. Anyone can stand there and be a force ghost. Having not seen The Force Awakens yet it's difficult to imagine what a Darth Vader flashback scene would like like. The first thought that comes to mind is Vader hunting and destroying the Jedi. No matter if you're on the light or dark side of things, I think everyone could agree that they would love to see Vader in action. We've never seen it! I suspect Rebels will give us a taste of that but it's definitely not the same thing.

What do you think about this rumor? Would you like it to be true? Why or why not?

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