The Force Awakens Fangirl Checklist

The Force Awakens Fangirl Checklist | Anakin And His Angel

With just 3 days until The Force Awakens hits theaters I thought a proper checklist for the ladies would be helpful. Because we're all so excited we might forget some very important things...

Last week I suddenly realized I wasn't 100% sure where our tickets were. Needless to say, I panicked! I thought of the only two "safe" places they could be and luckily they were there safe and sound in an envelope. So, stop what you're doing and make sure that you know exactly where your tickets are and that they are in a place where you won't be able to forget to take them with you! If you're bringing a bag with you, make sure that they won't be able to fall out. Our tickets are usually in either my husband's wallet or mine.

Even if you don't think you'll cry, do yourself a favor and wear waterproof mascara (my go to is The Falsies by Maybelline). I'm even taking extra precautions and applying a primer before the mascara. I'm quite an emotional person and I'm absolutely expecting the waterworks. *Sigh* One of my least favorite things to do is cry at the theater. It's going to be rough, folks!

Bringing tissues isn't going overboard when it's a movie like Star Wars. Prevent wiping your face with your sleeve and risk staining your favorite Star Wars shirt/costume and smudging your make-up everywhere. You can dab your face with tissues and the results will be a lot less ugly, even if you're crying so much you have to blow your nose. It's ok, we all understand.

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