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Star Wars Rebels S2 Finale: 5 Moments That Made Me Cry

This is very much overdo but I think you'll understand that I needed time to recuperate and gather my thoughts together. The finale of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 caught me off guard and did a number on my emotions. I've watched it three times and with each viewing I've cried, because goodness-gracious my heart is so invested in these characters! Let's take a look at five moments that brought on the waterworks.

Star Wars Rebels S2 Finale: 5 Moments That Made Me Cry | Anakin and His Angel

This was, without a doubt, the one incident that shocked me the most. My eyes widened as I gasped, cupping my mouth with both hands. I looked over to my husband probably saying what I usually do, "OH MY GOSH!" I genuinely just felt so awful for Kanan and was legitimately scared for his life. Even after all his frustrations with the situation they were in and his worry over Ezra, he continued to have patience and dealt with the unfortunate circumstance like any noble Jedi would. Despite being at such a great disadvantage, he chose to bravely press on and fight back, completely relying on the force and his other senses. The dude is beast! I'm so anxious to see how his story will play out in the third season!

Star Wars Rebels S2 Finale: 5 Moments That Made Me Cry | Anakin and His Angel

I was very tense during Ahsoka and Vader's conversation, not only because I didn't know what was going to happen, but because there's obviously so much history between these two and to see them in the same place again brought back such sweet memories that were now overshadowed by grief and darkness. When their lightsabers finally ignited and that tragically haunting but gorgeous melody began playing, I lost it. Literally. There were way too many emotions involved! Might I add that Ahsoka proved to be a great opponent for Darth Vader? She met his quick reflexes with swift and acrobatic moves. Impressive. MOST impressive.

Star Wars Rebels S2 Finale: 5 Moments That Made Me Cry | Anakin and His Angel

If you don't already know, Chopper is my favorite droid. I definitely think he's matured a little and has become more compassionate since The Forgotten Droid episode where he befriended AP-5. I truly felt that he was extraordinarily brave, helpful, and on top of things in the finale. When he guided Kanan to Ezra, my heart melted. I was still crying over previous scenes, and to see that act of kindness was just so overwhelming that I began to sob. Bless that little droid's heart. I'm so proud of him!

Star Wars Rebels S2 Finale: 5 Moments That Made Me Cry | Anakin and His Angel

Both of these scenes, to me, were declarations of commitment from both Kanan and Ahsoka to their Padawan and former Master, respectively. There wasn't much Kanan could do against Darth Vader but he was not going to let go of Ezra who was holding the Sith Holocron that Vader was trying to force pull away. Ahsoka soon interrupted the party and came up from behind Vader, slashing his helmet. Vader called out to Ahsoka and she boldly proclaimed that she wouldn't leave him. We see a quick expression from Anakin underneath the helmet which I believe revealed a brief moment of remembrance of their past. But the feeling/memory was quickly whisked away by the darkness within him and Ahsoka was left with no choice but to fight him once again.

Star Wars Rebels S2 Finale: 5 Moments That Made Me Cry | Anakin and His Angel

No words were needed to convey the emotions of the characters in the stunning conclusion to Season 2. While I loved the ending as a whole, I was specifically moved by the scenes in which the Ghost Crew were reunited with Kanan and Ezra. Their expressions as they saw only two of the three that they were expecting to exit the ship was heartbreaking. Rex and Ezra's shared glance was almost too much, and the way Hera shook her head in disbelief at the sight of her wounded man, and how she gently embraced him, was so touching. Like most people, I am such a fan of their devotion to one another.

I know I'm not the only one who cried! Which scenes got you? Tweet me or leave a comment below!

Credit for the incredible Rebels screencaps goes to Star Wars Rebels Screenshots!

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