Hutt Week: "Cute" Jabba the Hutt Merchandise

Honestly, Jabba the Hutt has never been on my list of favorite characters. But when brands like Funko and Disney brought out this "good side" of Jabba by creating undeniably cute figures and plushies, I couldn't resist him! So, in participation of Hutt Week, which has been instituted by my friend Jeff of The Imperial Talker, I've gathered together many items that reflect Jabba's better side!

 | Anakin and His Angel

Jabba Tsum Tsum

My Jabba Tsum Tsums are often featured on my social media accounts. I. JUST. LOVE. HIM. He's available in sizes Mini ($5.95) and Large ($24.95). I have both sizes but my large Jabba sits happily on top of his dais (aka as our couch). The only requirement is that he behaves himself, and for the most part he has. We even had a little dance party, which you can see on Instagram.

 | Anakin and His Angel

MTFBWY Deluxe Print by Jerrod Maruyama

Jerrod Maruyama is one of my favorite artists. He has this way of depicting the perfect chubness of so many beloved characters. In this May The Force Be With You Deluxe Print ($39.95), we see a scared but cute Jabba at the end of his... Well, we won't go there.

 | Anakin and His Angel

Good Jabba Shirt Men

As far as I'm concerned, Jabba's only good when he gets what he wants. His expression in this photo looks rather content, don't you think? This men's shirt is available in sizes Small - 2XL for $18 at Fifth Sun.

 | Anakin and His Angel

Good Jabba Shirt Women

Remember Morph from Treasure Planet? I like to think this is what you'd get if Jabba and Morph had a baby. Seriously, I can't comprehend how adorable this is. You can find it at Fifth Sun in Junior sizes Small - 2XL for $22.

 | Anakin and His Angel

Jabba Pop

The Jabba Funko Pop ($12.50) was my very first Jabba collector's item. I remember how happy I was to finally find him at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! Don't miss out on this super cute Pop!

 | Anakin and His Angel
Jabba Itty Bitty

This year, at San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con, Hallmark is releasing an Exclusive Jabba & Leia Itty Bitty 2-pack. The price has not yet been revealed but I'm sure this set will be sold out rather quickly! I mean, look at those wrinkles!

 | Anakin and His Angel

Jabba Stationary Set

Look closely, because this bratty but still rather cute looking Jabba has a tiny little Salacious Crumb held closely against his tail. I about died when I spotted him! I'm not sure you even really have to be a massive fan of Jabba to own this stationary set because, let's be real, how can you resist the chub? The Stationary Set ranges from $6 to $12 depending on the set you want.

 | Anakin and His Angel

Jabba Sticker

This handmade sticker coincides with the stationary set above. You could decorate a folder with it or place it on a memory board for an extra touch of Star Wars to your living space. Would you believe it's only $1? This Etsy Seller also has plenty of other characters listed that are super adorable!

Are you a Jabba fan? Which of these items in your favorite?


  1. Nope, but some of these are actually cute!

    1. Aren't they? I'm thinking of getting the Etsy items!