Darth Vader #24 Review

Darth Vader #24 Review | Anakin and His Angel

I wondered if diving into issue #24 of the Darth Vader Comic Book Series would be a bad idea considering I hadn't read any of the previous issues. However, the cover alone drew me in enough to decide for me. After a first and second read through, the events were made rather clear to me and I couldn't help but discuss the Vader and Padme aspects of this issue.


Darth Vader #24 Review | Anakin and His Angel

The entirety of the story is centered around Vader's visions of the past due to being deactivated by Cylo, a scientist who had in possession a remote that could control the cybernetics of Vader's suit. We get a glimpse of how, what I presumed, he thought his battle against Obi-Wan should have gone and what he truly thinks of Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader battles a determined Anakin who clearly hates the Dark Lord and is infuriated that he killed his Master. Which makes me wonder if there was a very minuscule part of Vader that was perturbed after killing Obi-Wan? Only because we see two versions of the same man both equally convicted of their beliefs and fighting to the death over it. Either way, he was wrestling with himself, a reoccurring event that often took place, I'm sure.

The battle concludes with Vader mocking Anakin and referring to him as a "child" before he finishes him off like he did Obi-Wan. The Dark Side of the force was undoubtedly present.

Darth Vader #24 Review | Anakin and His Angel
Darth Vader #24 Review | Anakin and His Angel Darth Vader #24 Review | Anakin and His Angel
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The visions that are portrayed throughout the story are very dark and probably the most sinister version of Vader I have yet to experience. Even the brief moment he had with Padme was just as tragic as the events that actually took place on Mustafar. As suspected, no one at this point could save him, not even his angel. The image of Padme standing next to Vader and then leaning in close asking him to stay is truly haunting and is a perfect depiction of her undying love for him. But he is too far out of reach, too far down the path of destruction. The fact that he had this specific vision of Padme leads me to believe that his memory of her had not faded. She was resembled here as pure, hopeful, and always fighting for their marriage.

In the end, the hatred for the Tatooine-raised Jedi Vader experienced through his visions give him power and enraged him so much that he was able to overcome the control Cylo had over him and the shackles that bound him. Unsurprisingly, he didn't waste any time to clearly make known to his opponent that, "Nothing is impossible for the force."

Overall, I really liked this issue. Vader's struggles, though saddening, are some of the most interesting to me because of his character complexity and history. I find digging deeper into his mind truly fascinating! This issue was also a nice throwback to the Prequels, and of course, I'm a sucker for anything Anakin and Padme, or Vader and Padme in this case. I've always admired that she never gave up on him and I believe she still would've pleaded with him had she been there after he donned the black suit.

Have you read this issue? What did you think?

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Huge "THANK YOU" to Brittany for sending me this issue!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I've been pretty impressed with this comic as a whole but this issue in particular was the emotional height of the series. You might want to check out issue #6 too for good Anakin/Vader and Padme content. It's in that issue, after the Battle of Yavin, that Vader learns Luke's identity and it features some beautifully rendered flashbacks to his time with Padme.

  2. Can't wait for the graphic novel.