Rogue One Funko Pop Glam Shots

We've known for a while now that the characters from Rogue One would take Funko Pop form in time for September 30th, the debut day for all Rogue One merchandise to appear on store shelves. The question was, when would we start seeing photos of them? On the evening of August 30th we got the first preview of two figures, then a few more were revealed the next day, and now today we have the full line of 18 figures (look below for the variant run-down after the glam shots) that we can find and consume in stores later this month.

I'm completely blown away by the beauty of these figures! The sculpts and paint jobs are so outstanding that it makes it especially difficult to choose a favorite. Are you able to choose? Tweet me or leave me a comment on this post.

Rogue One Funko Pop Glam Shots | Anakin and His Angel

Rogue One Funko Pop Glam Shots | Anakin and His Angel

Rogue One Funko Pop Glam Shots | Anakin and His Angel


There are three Jyn Erso figures in total. The first is of her in her main outfit, the second a Hot Topic Exclusive which is also of her in her main outfit but with her hood up, and the Target Exclusive is of her in Imperial disguise.

There are 2 Captain Cassian Andor figures in total. The first is of him in his main outfit, and the Target Exclusive figure showcases him in his brown jacket with fewer accessories.

There is only one Saw Gerrera and he is a Wal-Mart exclusive! There's no doubt he will be high in demand considering there isn't a regular release of this figure.

There are two Scarif Stormtroopers. The main figure without a stripe, and the Walgreens exclusive with a stripe and alternate gun.

There are two Imperial Death Troopers. One main figure, and another that has a shiny chrome finish which is exclusive to Wal-Mart. I'm going to be all over this one!

Lastly, there are two Darth Vader figures. The main figure showcases Vader in a regular stance while the Game Stop exclusive gives us some flowy cape action along with his hand up ready to force choke an opponent.


  1. They're really cool! Hopefully, the Rogue One characters will soon be revealed as Tsums.