My Tsum Tsum Collection

This is a video I've been meaning to film for a long time! I've collected Tsum Tsums for almost three years now and I absolutely love their chubby plushness. In case you were unaware, Tsum Tsums first made their debut in Japan in the year of 2013 and then made their way to the states in 2014. The name actually means "Stack Stack" because contrary to their round form, the bottom of each plush is flat which allows them to stack on top of one another. Of course, I just love this concept! If you're also into cute plushies, than you should probably consider checking these out. There are two Tsum Tsum set releases each month which consist of Star Wars, Disney and Marvel characters. The best quality Tsums, in my opinion, can be found at Disney Stores but they are also sold at places like Target and Wal Mart. They are priced at just under six dollars (for the mini versions), which is a super affordable thing to collect, but they do stack up (pun totally intended) if you allow yourself to get carried away.

Since this video showcases my entire collection, there are also Disney characters that are featured along with Star Wars. But if you're only interested in seeing the Star Wars portion, I've featured them together in the beginning of the video for your convenience. Enjoy!

For lots more Tsum Tsum content, check out the website Disney Tsum Tsum!

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