Smuggler's Bounty: The Empire Strikes Back Unboxing

This month's Smuggler's Bounty box, the only Official Star Wars subscription box by Funko, came super early for me! In case you hadn't already heard, the theme of this month is The Empire Strikes Back which includes the first Funko Pop Deluxe of Han Solo riding a Taun Taun! There are other fantastic and 100% exclusive items in this box as well including an introduction to a new line of Funko items. Watch my husband and me open this box below!

Smuggler's Bounty costs $25 for each box (not including taxes, shipping, and handling) and is shipped out every other month! The next box will arrive on our doorsteps in March and is Star Wars Rebels themed! Ahh!!!


  1. omg. This video was so fun to watch! I loved the dynamic between you and Jason, he's really funny and it was cute to see him make you laugh so much. Please make more videos together! My three-year-old heard me watching the video and decided to watch too, and he loved it. He kept saying "oh my gosh" and was giggling. Funko really did make a great box, but it was your reactions that were priceless :)

    1. Aww, thank you Christina! I am so glad you all enjoyed the video. I think he will be doing another one with me ;)