Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Supporting Character

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The Topic for May is "Favorite Supporting Character" and begins today through May 24th!

There are several amazing supporting characters throughout the Star Wars galaxy, from the noble and sweet handmaiden Dorme' to the crazy and mischievous Salacious Crumb. Which character from the films or cartoons do you particularly love the most? Now is the time for your favorite supporting character to shine! Prepare your entry and make your way back to the homepage of AAHA on May 10 and add your link to the link-up!


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Something tells me this is one of those challenges where you come down to a verdict and then later on realize you completely forgot about other characters within the Star Wars lore and wonder if you made the right choice. But one thing I know for sure is that Bib Fortuna is at least one of my favorite supporting characters.

Though slightly creepy I do love the personality of this particular Twi'lek and the way he speaks Huttese. In fact, I often find myself randomly saying the few lines he does have. Seriously, how does one not go around saying "De wanna wanga"? Besides his catchy phrases, I think his loyalty to Jabba the Hutt often gets overlooked. Bib has served the mighty Jabba as chief of staff for decades. If you don't remember, he was present for the Boonta Eve Podraces on Tatooine (his home planet) along his master's side.

But what brought him to work for Jabba and why does he stay? Because of his position, is he perhaps more highly favored than the rest of the staff? Besides the pay, maybe he considers it an honor to work for him. His mannerisms during his conversations with two droids we all know and love in Return of the Jedi revealed a hesitancy to let them continue through to his slimy gangster of a boss. Even when Luke arrived, he was there to deal with him before he proceeded to enter the headquarters of the palace. Sadly, Luke's Jedi mind trick worked on Bib and Jabba called him a "Weak-minded fool!" and pushed him to the side. Jabba wouldn't be Jabba if he wasn't self-oriented and lacked the abitlity to give people second chances. Even those who work for him. Was this a taste of how Jabba regularly treated Bib or a unique circumstance? There are many questions I have, as I'm sure you've gathered by now.

I would love to see Bib Fortuna in a series, perhaps animated, so that we can get an idea of what his life looked like before working for Jabba and why he stays. Is he taking care of family? As far as we know he has a cousin named Beezer whom we saw in Rogue One among Saw Gerrera's crew. But who else is there, if anyone? Does he actually enjoy the job? Being Jabba's majordomo might actually be worth the occasional lashing out especially since he is in charge a lot of the time.

Tell me, what do you think about Bib Fortuna and who is your favorite supporting character?

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