Thursday, June 22, 2017

Her Universe: Mission & Modesty

Her Universe: Passion & Modesty | Anakin and His Angel

Today Her Universe turns seven years old. It's hard to believe it's been that long since Ashley Eckstein (pictured above), creator of the most well known geeky brand for fangirls and voice of Star Wars Rebels' Ahsoka Tano, started the company. Ashley has given females around the "universe" the chance to shine in clothing and accessories that speaks louder than your average Star Wars t-shirt. Not that there's anything wrong with Star Wars t-shirts by any means (I have tons of them!), but to be able to wear pieces that are made specifically for females in mind like skirts and tunics is such a wonderful feeling. Her Universe offers a wide selection of products that includes everything from the world of Marvel to a galaxy far, far away for females of all ages with styles perfect for every day wear to what I like to call "geek chic". If you've never heard of this geeky brand before, be sure to visit the website and get on the special sales in celebration of their achievements!

Her Universe: Passion & Modesty | Anakin and His Angel
(Taken last week after a gentleman responded to my Captain Phasma shirt with, "It's good to see a young lady living on the Star Wars legacy.")

Every time I wear the Her Universe brand I feel so proud to be representing my passion not only for Star Wars but for a brand that is on a very purposeful mission. Their tagline, "Flaunt Your World", has always meant to me, "Wear what you love." It's truly so important to be yourself and it's so much fun to express it in your fashion. Even if you don't consider yourself to be a trendy person remember that you still shop for clothes and you still make choices when you get dressed everyday. You choose what to wear based on your color preferences, your favorite movie or even based on how you're feeling. If you're currently not wearing a certain trend because you're worried about what people will think or if you have a favorite fandom that you literally love so much but you're too afraid to sport it on a shirt, scarf, or hat I have two words for you: DON'T BE! Take a stand and don't waste anymore time not wearing what you feel like wearing and stop saving so many of your favorite pieces for a special occasion. Every day is a special occasion! Wear. What. You. Love.

Her Universe: Passion & Modesty | Anakin and His Angel
(The "Visions of Ahsoka" t-shirt featured in my very first Star Wars OOTD post.)

In a world where everything is sexualized I'm able to continue to strive for modesty through the Her Universe brand and that is another reason this company means so much to me. I myself am somewhat of a trendy person. I like to try the new styles but if I don't particularly like something I'm not going to wear it just because it's what everyone else is wearing. I pick and choose the ones I love most and mix them in with my own personal style. Some of the trends these days include shorts that are so short your rear end hangs out or pieces that are completely transparent. I prefer edgy, feminine, and geek chic statements with a dash of drama that express who I am, make me feel good about myself and that will protect my body which belongs to myself and my husband only. This is solely based on my opinions which stem from my beliefs as a Christian woman. I do not judge anyone on how they choose to dress. You are your own person with your own convictions.

Her Universe: Passion & Modesty | Anakin and His Angel
(Princess Leia hoodie featured in my post, Small but Fierce)

I would like to conclude this with a thank you to Ashley and everyone else who is a part of the Her Universe team. Thank you for being the most fantastic brand for females who have a geeky side. Your mission and your clothes are absolutely fabulous and I couldn't be more proud to represent the brand through my own pieces I have collected. Here's to many more years!

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