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Welcome to the twenty-second Star Wars ComLINKS! This the very first monthly link up centered around a galaxy far, far away. The purpose of this link up is to inspire fans to write/talk about various topics (which are assigned each month) pertaining to our favorite fandom. Each link up will take place on the second Wednesday of every month. You will be able to share a link to your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. on a special widget here on AAHA and also view other posts from fans!

The Topic for September is "Favorite Male Characters" and begins today through September 27th!

In July we wrote about our female characters within the Star Wars universe so I thought it would be fitting to make the next topic about our favorite male characters. Who is yours? What is it about him that you love so much? Do you and this character share similar personalities? What's your favorite moment featuring this character? These are just a few prompts to help you get started. Prepare your entry and check the home page of AAHA on September 13th for the linkup where you can add the link to your post.


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Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Male Character | Anakin And His Angel

Everyone knows that Darth Vader is my favorite Star Wars character as I'm always talking about him or representing him in some way or another. I've had many opportunities to write about him on the blog so this time I wanted to put the spotlight on one of my other favorite male characters who happens to be a smuggler and very good friends with an exceptionally cuddly looking Wookiee.

Han Solo was the character that caught my attention when I first saw A New Hope in 1997. My eleven-year-old self was in love and I found myself attracted to his fashion choices and you guessed it, his sense of humor. I owned every Han Solo action figure I could get my hands on and had quite the collection of merchandise ranging from small items like a magnet from the Star Trader at Disneyland featuring Han with his blaster to a Han Solo in Carbonite Beach Towel I ordered from the official Star Wars online website. I even had a Han Solo pillow I slept on at night which may or may not have been the reason behind my dreams of marrying Harrison Ford. Oh, those teenage years.

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Male Character | Anakin And His Angel

When we met Han at the Mos Eisley Cantina in A New Hope he was an "all about me" kind of guy and seemed to have an adequate view on life. But when an opportunity arrived to make some extra credits, he jumped on it not realizing that he was getting involved with people who would soon make his world turn upside down. I'm sure he figured it was just another job. However, he made some pretty decent acquaintances and discovered a girl he was interested in but even then he struggled with choosing choosing himself and money or aiding in a crucial battle that his new friends were a part of. We all know in the end he came through and helped saved the day but there was still a lot of growing he had to do and we see more of that in The Empire Strikes Back. It's exciting to see him discover where his place is at in the Rebellion and how he slowly comes out of his shell and shows compassion for others by the actions he takes.

Speaking of which, I can't get enough of the interaction between him and Princess Leia. Their flirtatiousness is comical because he's trying so hard to make her like him and she's trying so hard NOT to like him. I think eventually (after he realized the cockiness wasn't working) he made the perfect move to show that he was quite serious about her. One of my favorite extended scenes from Empire is the scene right after Han kisses her on the Falcon. Leia says, "Ok, hot shot." and pulls him in for another kiss. WHOA! It's hard to tell if Han was surprised by her reaction or if he just knew. Either way, from that point on their love made them stronger whether they were together in their fight against the Empire or apart.

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Male Character | Anakin And His Angel
(GIF Credit)

Han Solo: What are you telling them?
C-3PO: I do believe they think I am some kind of god.
Han Solo: Well, why don't you use your divine influence and get us out of this?
C-3PO: I beg your pardon General Solo, but that just wouldn't be proper.
Han Solo: Proper?
C-3PO: It's against my programming to impersonate a deity.
Han Solo: Why you...

Han has one of those personalities where he comes off as downright hilarious even when he's not trying to be. I think I find him the most amusing in Return of the Jedi just because there are several scenarios like this, especially on Endor amongst the Ewoks. The scene I referenced above always makes me laugh because he is so ridiculously dramatic, sarcastic and all worked up over some little furry things. Obviously Harrison Ford is a genius but I especially love how he delivered these lines - he knew exactly how Han would behave in this situation. Han has no time for nonsense!

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Male Character | Anakin And His Angel

I was really shocked when I found out that Harrison was returning for The Force Awakens. Again we saw a lot of growth in Han, especially in the way he spoke about his family and in explaining to Rey and Finn how he realized the Jedi and the Force were real. Harrison did a great job with staying true to Han's personality and nailed his theatrical responses to various situations. "That's not how the Force works!" anyone? This was one of my favorite scenes in the movie! On a completely different note, I felt very saddened over the fact that Han and Leia were separated and probably won't ever come to grips with that but I am forever thankful that their last moment together was a tender one in which I believe both of them revealed they still truly loved one another.

Star Wars ComLINKS: Favorite Male Character | Anakin And His Angel

I had NO idea that Han's journey would end in this film but like everyone else, I sensed it coming when he came face-to-face with his son. It was, to say the least, an outstanding performance from Harrison and Adam Driver but one I still find difficult to watch. The first time I balled my eyes out and was so affected by it I missed several moments including the scene where Chewbacca shoots Kylo Ren. It's hard to watch when any character you love dies, but my heart hurt even more because of the tragedy of the situation - a situation we still don't know everything about. Not to mention I felt like part of my childhood died right along with him. I guess that's what happens when we get too emotionally attached to fictional characters because I've experienced this sadness way too often. I can't help it!

I could go on forever writing about Han. Perhaps in the near future I'll share a list of my favorite Han Solo moments with you. Until then, let me know who your favorite male character in Star Wars is and why in a comment below or on Twitter!

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