Star Wars ComLINKS: Valentine's Day Edition

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

Welcome to the twenty-sixth Star Wars ComLINKS! This the very first monthly link up centered around a galaxy far, far away. The purpose of this link up is to inspire fans to write/talk about various topics (which are assigned each month) pertaining to our favorite fandom. Each link up will take place on the second Wednesday of every month. You will be able to share a link to your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. on a special widget here on AAHA and also view other posts from fans!

This is the "Valentine's Day Edition" and begins today through February 28th!

It's the month of love and ComLINKS just happens to fall on Valentine's Day. The very first year of ComLINKS we wrote about our favorite couples. This year I thought writing about who we love to share Star Wars with would be a very uplifting topic. So, who do you love to watch the films/cartoons with or talk about the latest books/comics with? Is it your parents? Maybe they introduced you to the franchise? Your loved one or friends you met at Star Wars Celebration? How do you share Star Wars with this person/people? Do you have any fun traditions? These are just a few prompts to help you get started.


1) Your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. does NOT have to be SW related.
2) Your entry must be family-friendly.
3) Please include a link to (or mention) "Star Wars ComLINKS" in your entry and don't forget to use the hashtag #starwarscomlinks when applicable!

Star Wars ComLINKS: Valentine's Day Edition  | Anakin and His Angel

I love sharing Star Wars with so many people but if I had to choose one person it would without question be my husband, Jason. After meeting him in line for the midnight showing of Attack of the Clones in 2002 I knew that we were destined to be together and forever share our love of Star Wars.

Star Wars ComLINKS: Valentine's Day Edition  | Anakin and His Angel

As two individuals who grew up watching Star Wars we're both hardcore fans but we sometimes enjoy it very differently which we both appreciate and respect. I'm all about watching the first couple of trailers for the next movie when they release and he stays far away from them in an attempt to go to the theater as spoiler-free as possible. Luke is basically his favorite character but that particular Skywalker doesn't exactly make my favorites list. He's very good with quoting lines from the Original Trilogy and remembering fine details that come in handy whenever we play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit while I'm the one who memorizes random facts from the Visual Dictionaries.

Star Wars ComLINKS: Valentine's Day Edition  | Anakin and His Angel

Even with those differences I would say we enjoy it in the same way just as much if not more. We love sharing the experience of seeing the movies for the first time together and having long discussions afterwards, playing Star Wars Battlefront, and even filming unboxing videos of Funko's Smuggler's Bounty subscription boxes. Whenever Stars Wars is involved we enjoy it immensely even if it's just a casual game of naming your favorite alien or scene from one of the movies or cartoons. With so much content coming out our answers change here and there so it makes it fun to learn about what each of us loves and why. We are constantly quoting Star Wars, wearing Star Wars, and of course, collecting. Believe it or not, he loves when I come home with a new plushie or Funko Pop! Obviously Star Wars is a big part of our lives and always will be.

Star Wars ComLINKS: Valentine's Day Edition  | Anakin and His Angel

I love sharing Star Wars with Jason because it always reminds me of the day we first met and because it's the best thing to be able to share one of your passions with the one you love. I asked Jason to share a little something for this post and he responded with...

I love sharing Star Wars with Jenmarie because we usually get very excited about the same aspects of Star Wars (not counting Rey...lo).
It is such a great feeling to be excited about the same things with the one you share your life with. A couple of my favorite Star Wars memories I have with Jenmarie is seeing the debut of The Force Awakens trailer at Star Wars Celebration and watching her play the Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission for the first time. Having already played the game I knew what she was experiencing and I got to see and hear how happy she was to BE IN STAR WARS!

Who do you love to share Star Wars with? Let me know in a comment below or be sure to Tweet me!


  1. I love this! I think that it's super cute you and your hubby get to share this love together! I don't have someone special (yet) to share my SW love with, but as a teacher I love sharing it with all of my students! I just started getting into the blogging community, so I'm definitely going to be joining in on this!

    1. Thank you so much!

      I am excited that you joined in on the fun! I love that you incorporate so much Star Wars into your classroom setting and teaching. Your students must have a blast!