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Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

Welcome to the twenty-seventh Star Wars ComLINKS! This the very first monthly link up centered around a galaxy far, far away. The purpose of this link up is to inspire fans to write/talk about various topics (which are assigned each month) pertaining to our favorite fandom. Each link up will take place on the second Wednesday of every month. You will be able to share a link to your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. on a special widget here on AAHA and also view other posts from fans!

"Favorite Scene from Rebels Season 4" begins today through March 28th!

The final episodes of Star Wars Rebels are upon us and though many fans are saddened that this series has come to an end I thought it would be fun to lighten the mood and celebrate the final season by talking about our favorite scene. Which scene surprised you? Made you emotional? Left you in a place where you just couldn't stop thinking about it? This is a tough one but I'm excited to see everyone's different answers and why you chose that specific scene from Season 4. Of course, these are just a few prompts to help you get started.


1) Your Website, Blog, YouTube, Podcast, etc. does NOT have to be SW related.
2) Your entry must be family-friendly.
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Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

There are many scenes from Star Wars Rebels Season 4 that I truly love. From the short but endearing gesture when Chopper extends his tiny droid claw to Hera's hand to the jaw-dropping moment Ezra brings back Ahsoka. But it turns out that the one scene that tore at my heart the most is also the one that I can't stop thinking about.

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

In the episode Jedi Night just before the lives of the Ghost Crew change forever, Hera tells Kanan that she loves him and they share an emotional kiss. With this being the first episode of the return of the season I wasn't expecting anything momentous to happen and apparently I was oblivious to all of the signs within the episode hinting to Kanan's death. So when the explosion from the fuel post hit I exploded as well but in tears of disbelief and the sorrow I felt that Kanan didn't get to say it back to her. Or did he?

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

As Kanan protected his family from the roaring flames with his unmeasurable force powers Hera leaped towards him in an attempt to save him from the blaze that would engulf him once he let go. But he force pushed her back sending her into Ezra's embrace aboard the Imperial Patrol Transport. Kanan then turns slowly to face Hera and gains his sight back locking eyes with hers. The quiet moment they shared together on Lothal in The Occupation quickly ran through my head as the scene became slightly blurry from my misty eyes. Kanan had previously expressed that he wished he could see her and Hera responded with, "You could always see me." I felt that Kanan expressed his love for Hera not only by sacrificing himself to protect her and "the kids" but with his now bright eyes. In that very brief moment he looked so deeply into her eyes with such certainty and purpose that I'm sure she knew.

Star Wars ComLINKS | Anakin and His Angel

What a tragic but beautifully directed scene! Everything from the visuals to the score was a stunning experience one that I have gone back to several times and had the exact same emtoional response to. This moment was brutal for me because I have loved these two since the beginning of Rebels. They are one of my favorite couples in Star Wars and I can say with 100% certainty that they have the healthiest relationship out of all of them. They have always loved each other, even if they hadn't said it. They were a team. They talked things out. They respected each other and trusted their individual strengths and abilities when the time came to use them. Kanan knew they were in good hands when Hera piloted the Ghost through difficult circumstances and Hera believed in him when he had to make tough Jedi decisions. My heart was broken over the fact that they wouldn't be able to be with each other after expressing the words that made their relationship official. But little did I know that I would be brought some comfort in finding out in the series finale that their love would live on through Spectre 7 aka their son, Jacen Syndulla. I still can't believe it and find it so unbelievably sweet. Oh, and that Wolf symbol on Jacen's shoulder just about broke me all over again. What a love story!

What did you think about this scene? Are you also a Kanera fan? Let me know in a comment below or send me a Tweet!

Thanks to Star Wars Rebels Wikia and for the photos.

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