Solo & Lando Itty Bittys

Update: 4/30

Solo & Lando Itty Bittys | Anakin And His Angel

The Enfys Nest Itty Bitty has finally been revealed on's May the 4th round-up of deals. Also pictured are the new Solo plushies as well as Lobot. Lando and Enfy are said to be online exclusives but are not available yet. Hallmark will be celebrating May the 4th with 25% off in-stores and online though there will be some exclusions.

Solo & Lando Itty Bittys | Anakin And His Angel
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Heading to your nearest store to celebrate? Spend $15 or more (excludes Itty Bittys) and you'll receive this annual limited pin set featuring General Hux, Lando Calrissian and Darth Maul!

Update: 4/21

Solo & Lando Itty Bittys | Anakin And His Angel

PopMinded, a pop culture collection by Hallmark, revealed on their Instagram account yesterday a photo featuring the new Itty Bitty characters from Solo including a new Lando plushie we haven't seen yet. As I reported below, both Han and Chewie are now available to purchase in stores. PopMinded also mentioned that Lando as well as Enfys Nest (no photo available) are online exclusives and should be on the Hallmark website very soon.

Solo & Lando Itty Bittys | Anakin And His Angel(Image Credit)

Solo & Lando Itty Bittys | Anakin And His Angel

On April 20th this Special Edition set of Itty Bittys including Han Solo and his fury friend Chewbacca will be released at Hallmark! The duo will be priced at $16.95. There is no word whether or not this will be an online exclusive like some of the plushies are or if it will also be available to purchase in stores. I have to tell you, Chewie in goggles is my new favorite thing. What do you think?

Solo & Lando Itty Bittys | Anakin And His Angel

In other news, you might be interested in knowing that the Lando Calrissian Itty Bitty that I talked about in this Star Wars 2018 Itty Bitty post is now available on the Hallmark website for $6.95. You can order him online or have him shipped for free to your nearest store here.

Be sure to check out this list of Star Wars Itty Bittys coming out this year. I can't wait to add Queen Amidala to my collection!

Special Thanks To: Itty Bitty Corner and Megs Itty Bittys for the information and photos concerning the Solo plushies.

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