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Star Wars Resistance & Fan Opinions

Friday, August 17, 2018
Star Wars Resistance & Fan Opinions | Anakin and His Angel

I've been excited for Star Wars Resistance ever since it was announced. I'm just that kind of fan. I get excited about EVERYTHING Star Wars! Even if there's content that I don't particularly love as a whole there's always something that I find that I truly enjoy and I like to practice focusing on the aspects of what I love the most here on my blog and social media. I screw up sometimes, as we all do. But in my own experience I find that praising the things I love consistently rather than constantly speaking negatively about what I don't like is so much more fulfilling. With all the Star Wars content that is currently being curated there just might be a day where something is released and I 100% don't like it. That's ok. It's what I choose to do with my feelings and opinions towards it that matters. I imagine that I would just move along and do what I do now. Geek out and promote the content that I do love!

Star Wars Resistance & Fan Opinions | Anakin and His Angel

Up until this morning news pertaining to the Resistance cartoon has been on the quieter side. The one minute trailer debuted and I immediately stopped what I was doing to watch it. I found the art style to be simple but beautiful and I appreciated the fact that it was unlike anything we've seen before in the Star Wars Universe though I will tell you that I was more fond of the background art and ships more than the character art (BB-8 though! Adorbs!). However, I definitely can see it growing on me! My eyes lit upon seeing familiar faces like BB-8, Poe Dameron and possibly a quick shot of Captain Phasma. Now, as much as I promote positivity in the Star Wars fandom I think there are appropriate ways to say what you think about something honestly and respectively. So, here are my current concerns regarding Resistance: The idea that I perceived of the story in that short minute wasn't especially interesting to me. I didn't feel much after watching it. I also wasn't exactly fond of the character interaction and the dialogue. However, I must say it again. IT WAS A MINUTE LONG. A minute of footage from a brand new TV series with a 1 hour premiere.

Star Wars Resistance & Fan Opinions | Anakin and His Angel

As these thoughts ran through my head I was browsing through my Twitter feed and noticed some interesting conversations happening. Which should come as no surprise to you if you frequent Twitter on a daily basis like I do. Discussions were being had that cartoons in general are for kids. Are there cartoons targeted towards younger audiences? Absolutely. But not all of them are. To me, Resistance does feel that way so far but so did The Clone Wars (this show gets pretty deep and rather dark) and Rebels for a lot of people at first but a good portion of those fans now have a deep connection with those shows. I think it makes sense to give this show which is part of something I know a lot of you hold dear to your heart is worth it. But that's just my opinion ;)

Star Wars Resistance & Fan Opinions | Anakin and His Angel

There were also mixed reviews on the look of the show which is to be expected as we all appreciate art differently but the one topic I found the most profound were conversations people were having saying people shouldn't have opinions on the trailer. Having an opinion about the trailer is different from letting that opinion dictate whether you think it's a bad show or not (perhaps that is the point they were trying to make?) We can't rightfully judge a show in its entirety based on such little content made available to us, can we? I personally can't base what I think of the show on that alone. You're either going to love it and find it difficult to wait until the next episode which is great! Or you're going to discover that it's not your cup of blue milk and refrain from watching it. Also great! It's up to you to choose what to do with your opinion that you most definitely should have and probably won't be able to stop from having. We're human. We're going to have feelings and thoughts about the content we intake. I would just suggest to choose wisely. There could be something in your life that you're missing out on because you let your opinion make up your mind for you before you tried something new out.

I choose to give it a shot! Are you with me?

Resistance debuts on Sunday, October 7 (10 p.m. EDT/PDT) on the Disney Channel, DisneyNOW, and Disney Channel VOD, with subsequent airings on Disney XD. For more information, please see this post on the official Star Wars website.

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