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3 Things I Loved About Star Wars Resistance: The Recruit

Wednesday, October 10, 2018
3 Things I Loved About Star Wars Resistance: The Recruit | Anakin and His Angel

On Monday I was able to check out the first episode of Star Wars Resistance through Amazon. They are running a deal on select TV shows right now where you can purchase a season in HD for $2.99 and Resistance is one of them. That's right, the entire first season! If you have not been able to watch the show yet click here to purchase Star Wars Resistance Season 1 on Amazon. It's part of their Prime program but I actually know a couple of people who don't have Prime and were still able to buy the season.

The first episode of Star Wars Resistance entitled The Recruit was a fantastic introductory episode! The beginning of a new series can often feel a bit rocky but I think that this episode did a good job at giving us a basic idea of the new adventures we're about to embark on, introducing both new and old characters as well as other familiarities within the Star Wars universe. For example, I felt like I was really able to get to know the main character and pilot, Kazuda Xiono. He's a spunky dude with a lot of ambition and a story with which I think many will be able to relate to. We also see familiar faces like Poe Dameron (voiced by Oscar Isaac) and BB-8. It was exciting to see Poe in action and making decisions which he is so obviously good at. BB-8, like always, is super cute and has something to say about everything so what's not to love? As far as the other familiarities I spoke of has a great list!

3 Things I Loved About Star Wars Resistance: The Recruit | Anakin and His Angel

I can definitely tell you that so far Resistance has a lighthearted tone to it but I don't think it feels as kid-like as what some fans were expecting. I'd honestly compare it to several episodes of Rebels and that, in my opinion, is not a bad thing as I loved that series. Kaz has an Ezra-like personality who is slightly more hyper at times. I bring this up because I think his personality mixed with the fact that stressful or intense situations within the show were very kid-friendly might put some fans off since it's not the Star Wars they're used to. I, however, am easily pleased when it comes to Star Wars content. I also recognize the fact that Disney and Lucasfilm want to provide Star Wars content for fans of all ages. My almost six year old nephew saw a TV spot for Resistance and was so excited about it! If it's sparking joy in the eyes of children than they're doing something right.

Overall I enjoyed the first episode. There were some scenes I didn't care for as much but I think that's normal when it comes to any TV show. I actually watched The Recruit twice because it honestly made me happy! So much so that I decided to compile a short but sweet list of three things I loved in this episode. Let's dig in!

3 Things I Loved About Star Wars Resistance: The Recruit | Anakin and His Angel


Neeku (part of the the Nikto species) is a mechanic with a unique personality who is both joyful and positive. He is super friendly and takes many things quite literally which can sometimes make situations confusing or end up backfiring on him. One of my favorite Neeku moments was when Poe introduces Kaz to Neeku on their ocean planet Castellon.

POE: "Kaz, this is Neeku. Neeku, this is Kaz. He'll be hanging around for a while."
NEEKU: "From what exactly will he be hanging?"
POE: "He...Uh. Yeah. Okay. Never mind."

He stood out to me in a bold way and actually made me laugh out loud! It seems like he is going to be one of Kaz's besties and there honestly couldn't be anyone better for Kaz to lean on. Neeku is extremely supportive!

3 Things I Loved About Star Wars Resistance: The Recruit | Anakin and His Angel


I love any variation of a TIE Fighter. They're my favorite ships in the Star Wars universe because I love how quickly they can get around and their iconic sounds. This Interceptor looked amazing in red! Interceptors are more advanced than your normal TIE Fighter which means the pilots are more experienced. There's a great opening scene showcasing multiple X-Wings fighters against one TIE Interceptor and the pilot obviously knew what he was doing. It was a fun space battle that's for sure!

Note: I believe the new Interceptor was based off of the Emperor's Royal Guard TIE as seen in a legends book, Star Wars Galaxies: Rage of the Wookiees. What do you think?

3 Things I Loved About Star Wars Resistance: The Recruit | Anakin and His Angel


After watching the trailer I wasn't sure I would like the look of the show and I briefly touched on that in my post, Star Wars Resistance & Fan Opinions. But I can tell you with 100% certainty that just a few minutes into the episode the style really got me hooked. It's simple but smooth looking and it reminded me very much of the style that we see in Lilo & Stitch though a tad less chub-ified. There's definitely certain elements of the show that are more rounded which I can't complain about. BB-8, for example, is the roundest we've ever seen him.

Even though the style of Resistance is on the simpler side the animation is just as expressive as other Star Wars cartoons. The character's body language and facial expressions are very expressive. Likewise, any scene that involves some sort of aircraft in action is so stunning you'll want to hit "pause" on the remote. The action scenes were really enjoyable to watch not only because they were visually beautiful but because they felt like Star Wars!

I just want to conclude this post by thanking the the team that brought Star Wars Resistance to life! I'm excited to see what happens next!

Tell me, what were your three favorite things about the show? Comment below or get in touch with me on Twitter or Instagram.

4 comments on "3 Things I Loved About Star Wars Resistance: The Recruit"
  1. This is awesome! I don't know how this new series slid by undetected on my radar but it did. Thanks for the spoiler-free take AND the heads up on the Amazon sale! 👍

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read it, Alicia! Hope you enjoy the show :)

  2. Just reading this now and i Love your take on this new series and couldn't agree with you more on this show. Loved the introduction of the new characters and where the story picks up in the star wars timeline. Really excited to see more of this

    1. Aww, thanks so much Mike! I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. I can't wait to see Captain Phasma in the show!