A Q&A with Jenmarie

A Q&A with Jenmarie | Anakin and His Angel

I recently asked my readers on social media if they had any questions they would like more of an in-depth answer to without having to worry about character limits. I received several Star Wars and non-Star War related questions and I hope you enjoy reading through these. You can find my previous Q&A here and a Q&A I did with my husband Jason here.

Q: "Who is your #1 favorite female character in Star Wars?"
- Ben10Dinosaur

A: I'm usually so bad at choosing favorites but this one is easy for me. My favorite female character (who is also my second favorite Star Wars character) is Ahsoka Tano. My love for her now is nothing like when she was first introduced in The Clone Wars but her character grew on me really quickly. I love just how much a symbol of hope she is. I also admire her determination and the fact that she is never afraid to speak her mind and follow her heart. Not to mention that she is simply beautiful, she has a great fashion sense and knows how to handle a lightsaber better than most. Watching her grow up alongside her Master Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan was one of my favorite things about The Clone Wars series. I was ecstatic when she returned in Star Wars Rebels! I never thought I'd get to see where her journey took her and it's still some of my favorite Star Wars storytelling to this day. It's going to be an incredible feeling to see Ahsoka back in action when TCW returns this year. I can't wait!

Q: "How old are you? I love following you!"
- Allyque

A: Aww, thank you so much! On January 2nd I turned 33. Most of the time I don't feel like I'm in my thirties though which is nice. I remember freaking out right before I turned 30 but it hasn't been so bad. In fact, I'm really happy with where I'm at in my life right now and I feel extremely blessed. I know for a lot of people it can be worrisome to think about getting older but I'm just trying to live each day to the fullest and not think so much about age because whenever I do I find it extremely distracting.

A Q&A with Jenmarie | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "What kind of merch do you think is going to be sold at Galaxy's Edge?"
- Hoths Rebels

A: I love this question! One thing I have been talking about a lot lately are Spirit Jerseys. They are one of the latest fashion trends and can be found all over the Disneyland parks. Just recently the first Star Wars Spirit Jersey was released so I think it's safe to say that there will be many more to come. I think that the opening of Galaxy's Edge in June would be a great opportunity to release at least two new Star Wars designs. Besides the Spirit Jerseys I envision the merchandise there to be much like Cars Land where every single item represents that land and the familiar characters and places we associate with the films. Everything from pins, t-shirts, toys, mugs, you name it! I believe it's going to be the biggest Star Wars shopping experience and will probably make The Star Trader look like a boutique.

Q: "Do you like to read? If yes, how much?"
- Bozziomamma

A: I'm not a regular reader by any means but I am trying to work on reading more often. I find it difficult to sit down and read a book especially when I'm starting one. I have two Star Wars books that I've started and haven't finished and others that are waiting for me to pick them up. However, when I find one that really captures my attention it can be hard to put it down and I usually want to finish it as soon as possible. I think the fastest I've ever read a book was the Attack of the Clones novel which I read in a day. It's really that good!

A Q&A with Jenmarie | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "Do you still run your YouTube Channel? If not, why?"
- Not So Marvelous Fan Page

A: These days I find myself using my YouTube Channel, Sprinkled Dreams, for videos that coincide with this blog. I started it years ago to share unboxing videos, vlogs, etc. and gradually began using it to host videos for my blog. I didn't rename it to "Anakin and His Angel" because I already had a decent following and because I wanted the freedom to use it for videos that aren't Star Wars related which I still do from time to time. An example of that would be my The Lord of the Rings Mystery Minis HUGE Unboxing video.

Q: "What are your thoughts about the upcoming Episode IX teaser trailer?"
- Nancy Burks

A: I think about the Episode IX trailer SO MUCH! I think there is a possibility we will get a teaser before Star Wars Celebration Chicago and that the first trailer will be shared at that event. Either way, the teaser is going to be available to watch before we know it! I almost can't imagine what the teaser will like but I'm assuming we'll get at least one shot of both Kylo Ren and Rey. I wonder what content will be shared and how much I'll be able to speculate on it. I wonder if the tone of the teaser will give me a certain vibe about the film and what direction it will take. I also think about how I'll probably cry because of how emotional this journey has been and the fact that J.J. Abrams gets to conclude the trilogy he started. I honestly would have preferred he did the entire trilogy but I am just happy he's returned. He has incredible talent and I absolutely LOVE what he did with The Force Awakens. I really believe we are in for a real treat!

A Q&A with Jenmarie | Anakin and His Angel

Q: "Favorite thing about blogging?"
- snips_stardust

A: My favorite thing about blogging is the freedom I have to create content that I'm passionate about especially Star Wars OOTD (Outfit of the Day) posts. I also equally love engaging with my followers on a daily basis. It makes me really happy to be able to connect with others who have discovered my work. Many of these people have become wonderful friends of mine and it's the best feeling to talk with people all over the world about Star Wars!

Q: "Vacation destination you've always wanted to go to?"
- MikeWolf91

A: Traveling isn't one of my favorite things but I think if I could go anywhere right now I would choose to go to Walt Disney World. I don't think I would like the fact that it takes a long time to get to each land but I would most definitely enjoy the adventures of discovering all the things that they have that Disneyland doesn't. The foods, the attractions, the merchandise. I know I would have a blast!

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