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Redemption: The Mandalorian comes face-to-face with an unexpected enemy.
Written by: Jon Favreau | Directed by: Taika Waititi

The first season of The Mandalorian is officially complete! The last Chapter offered several amazing scenes but overall I think that Chapter 7 would've made a better finale. I don't think the story in this Chapter flowed as well and that some of the dialogue was weak. It also felt somewhat underwhelming to me as an ending to the season. There's a lot I want to talk about concerning the events that took place in this chapter so let's get started!

Chapter 8 continues from right where we left off in Chapter 7. The two Scout Troopers who killed Kuill and took the Child head back to bring him to Moff Gideon. On their way, they make a pit stop awaiting further instructions. This scene was my least favorite for two reasons. 1) It really seemed to drag in the worst way due to poor dialogue. They were both curious about the Child and discussed the creature along with other meaningless topics like how poor they are at being able to shoot at a target. 2) They hit the Child twice and punched it once which I found to be completely unnecessary. I was very disturbed because the Child is very much like a baby so it didn't sit well with me. Whoever made the decision to do this went overboard with that final punch and could've opted for a different way to show us how ruthless the Empire is, which most Star Wars fans are already well aware of. Luckily, the Child was in a sack so we didn't see the actual punching or its reaction but regardless, I can never watch this scene again.

The Mandalorian, Cara Dune and Greef Carga are still trapped inside the bar with Moff Gideon, Stormtroopers and Death Troopers standing guard outside. Moff Gideon reveals that he knows each of them along with their backstories. We learn that Cara is from Alderaan, that Greef is a disgraced magistrate and that the Mando's real name is Din Djarin. The Mando explains to his team that the only way Moff could know his name is if he was at the Siege of Mandalore. He hasn't used that name in years and it was stored only in the records on Mandalore. This instantly made me think that it's very possible we could see Moff Gideon in the final season of The Clone Wars in February!

As I suspected, IG-11 remained loyal to Kuill and took over protecting the Child. He killed the Scout Troopers who abused the Child and acquired one of their speeders in an attempt to rescue the rest of his team. I've been a fan of IG-11 since we were first introduced to him in Chapter 1 so I was really happy that my prediction was right! He's absolutely incredible in battle and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him tactfully take out a myriad of Imperials! He creates a distraction which allows the Mando, Cara and Greef to escape the bar and join in on the fight. However, that didn't last for long. The Mando gets hit pretty badly by Gideon and Cara drags him back inside. The team ends up in the same situation they were in before - TRAPPED!

IG-11 does what he can to break through a safe passage through the sewers which will lead them to the other Mandalorians for help. While he works quickly, Cara realizes just how serious the Mando's injury is. He got a hit to the head! Cara pleads with the Mando to remove the helmet but he refuses and instead makes Cara promise to take care of the Child. I was stressing out! Meanwhile a Flame Trooper is heading their way to burn them out. As he gets closer, the Child realizes what must be done. He steps up and protects his friends from the flame by using the Force to send the flames right back at the Trooper which blows him up. This scene was beautifully shot and although I didn't want the Flame Trooper to win, he was wickedly cool looking! Anyhow, IG-11 finally gets the passage way open and the team escapes through the tunnels. IG-11 stays behind to heal the Mandalorian with a bacta healing solution. Yes, he removes his helmet! But only after convincing the Mando that he wasn't a living thing, therefore it was safe for the Mando to reveal his face. I found it so amusing that he was the first one to see the man under the mask seeing as how much the Mando hates droids!

The Mando and IG-11 meet up with the rest of the group and they try to find their way to the Mandalorians for help. Sadly, they end up at a massive pile of Mandalorian armor. After they revealed themselves by helping to rescue the Mando and the Child in Chapter 3, the Empire came for them. Thankfully, the Armoror made it out alive and she explains that she is hopeful that more survived than what it seems while gathering pieces of their armor. She meets the Child for the first time and speaks of the "Jedi" in relation to the Child's powers. She instructs the Mando to return it to it's kind or that he must raise it as a Mandalorian. She proclaims that he is his father which I couldn't help but "Aww!" at. It's official now! Before she sets the group off, she gives the Mando his signet Mudhorn, claiming he and the Child are now part of "The Mudhorn Clan", and a JET PACK!

The team finds a lava river connected to the tunnels that will lead them to a safe exit as informed by the Armoror. They board what looks like a boat and an interesting R2 unit that has arms and legs and looks to be the same height as IG-11. It was an interesting look, that's for sure! The droid leads them to the end of the tunnel but the Mando realizes that several Stormtroopers are waiting for them at the exit. IG-11 volunteers to self-destruct which the group is not keen on, even the Mando! He's taken a liking to the droid after he saved him and the Child. But IG-11 was adamant about protecting the Child and his team members from the trap ahead of them so he doesn't exactly what he says.

Not one Stormtrooper was in sight when the group reached the end of the tunnel but Moff Gideon came in hot in his TIE Fighter. The Mando uses his jet pack to go after Moff and the two fight in the air! It was such an incredible action sequence, one I can't recall if we've ever seen before in any of the Star Wars animated series. The Mando successfully blows up the TIE and it crashes nearby.

The season ends with the Mando and the Child setting off to discover where he is from, Greef and Cara staying on Navarro to get the bounty hunting business going again and Moff cutting himself free from the TIE using the DARK SABER! I did not expect to see that weapon at all! How did he acquire it? Did he kill Bo Katan? The Dark Saber has a long history of owners. If you're interested in learning more about it, I'd suggest reading this entry on the Wookieepedia website.

This was an enjoyable first season of The Mandalorian that introduced us to a unique story with lovable characters, impeccable visuals and exciting references to the Star Wars lore we already know and love. The second season will be available to watch on Disney+ in Fall 2020. I hope that Deborah Chow has several episodes to direct as they were my absolute favorites! I did end up liking a couple of the themes in the show but for the most part, I found the music to be unfitting and distracting throughout the season. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to a new composer assigned to the second season.

What did you think of the episode and overall season? Let me know in a comment below or send me a DM on Twitter or Instagram! I am NOT openly discussing spoilers about The Mandalorian on social media.

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