Star Wars Pins Coming Soon from FiGPiN

Star Wars Pins Coming Soon from FiGPiN | Anakin and His Angel

FiGPiN creates some of the best licensed geeky handcrafted enamel pins that I've seen. Their pins stand out from others out there not only because of their larger size, but because of their incredible design that represents the characters they choose to feature in a unique way. They make quite the statement! I also love that they come in collectible cases. It makes it fun to stand them up on your desk or bookshelf, especially if you're an in-box collector.

"The Star Wars-inspired collection is a special milestone for all of us,” said FiGPiN President Dan Williams. “We grew up with Star Wars and now to be able to bring these iconic and beloved characters to life as FiGPiNs is a surreal moment.”

On Saturday, February 22nd FiGPiN announced that they will finally be creating Star Wars pins featuring characters from The Empire Strikes Back, The Mandalorian and the new and final season from The Clone Wars.

The first pin will feature Luke Skywalker on a TaunTaun in celebration of The Empire Strikes Back's 40th anniversary. It will be a limited release pin sold exclusively on FiGPiN's website starting May 4th. The cost of the pin will be $20. More pins featuring characters from TESB will be released later in the year at various retailers.

In the Summer, we can look forward to pins featuring characters from The Mandalorian including: the Mandalorian, the Child, IG-11, Cara Dune, and Kuill. And finally, later in the Summer there will also be a collection featuring characters from the final season of The Clone Wars.

I can't wait to see these new Star Wars enamel pins, especially Baby Yoda! I'm especially excited that FiGPiN will be an exhibitor at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim where they will have several limited edition items.

A huge "THANK YOU!" to FiGPiN for including me in their press release so that I could share this exciting news with you all! Which collection are you the most excited about? Let me know in a comment below or get in touch with me on Instagram or Twitter.

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