Dear George Lucas

Dear George Lucas | Anakin and His Angel

Dear George Lucas,

Today is your Birthday, and since chances are I won't ever get the honor of meeting you, I wanted to write a letter of thanks to you.

Thank you for being true to yourself and for making the extraordinary ideas inside your head come to life. You are responsible for many fond memories I have of enjoying Star Wars with my husband, family and friends. You introduced me to characters like Princess Leia and Padmé Amidala that I could admire and be inspired by, you weren't afraid to be silly and come up with phrases that I still can't help but repeat like "Utini!", you continued to tell your story and stayed positive no matter what anyone had to say about you or the Star Wars films. You inspired my imagination and my wardrobe. You reminded me that it's never too late to make a choice and that there is always hope. Hope for anything, even if you've strayed to the Dark Side.

You created an incredible story that is meant to be loved and shared and I hope to always remind fans of that. Without you, there would be no Star Wars, and I can't imagine a world without being able to enjoy all there is to explore in a galaxy far, far away.



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