Star Wars Bound: Padmé Amidala on Canto Bight

Star Wars Bound: Padmé Amidala on Canto Bight | Anakin and His Angel

The Galactic Coven group had their own online Star Wars celebration over the past few days and today they're closing it out with their very own Gala! The theme is "Canto Bight" and I immediately wondered what it would look like if Padmé Amidala joined the party. She's such a fashion icon, so I think she'd fit right in. This is my interpretation of what I think she'd wear to an event like this.

Star Wars Bound: Padmé Amidala on Canto Bight | Anakin and His Angel
Star Wars Bound: Padmé Amidala on Canto Bight | Anakin and His Angel

There's a lot of neutral but classy colors worn on Canto Bight so I chose to stick with an all black and white color scheme with some silver accents. I definitely could have gone a little crazier with the hair, but I still think a slicked back ponytail with a dramatic headband is chic enough, even for the Queen herself. I actually used a satin ribbon scarf and tied it around my head and cut off a frilly piece from another headband and attached it to the satin one with a bobby pin. I wasn't sure about the belt but I decided that the size of it and its uniqueness really made that extra statement I was going for. The necklace is the only new piece I purchased for this ensemble. It's a Simply Vera Wang necklace from Kohl's that I found just last week on the clearance rack for $8. I thought it looked unique and very Star Wars-ish. Overall, I feel like the lipstick and the faux fur shawl really made this idea I had come to life.

Dress: Amazon
Faux Fur Stole Shawl: Amazon
Necklace: Kohl's | Similar
Belt: Amazon
Satin Ribbon Scarf (Used as a headband): Amazon
Revlon Lipstick (Midnight Mystery): Amazon
NYX Jumbo Pecil (Milk): Amazon

Star Wars Bound: Padmé Amidala on Canto Bightn | Anakin and His Angel

It's funny because the Canto Bight scene is my least favorite segment in The Last Jedi. I've always liked the fashion but I gained a bigger appreciation for it while looking through photos for inspiration. Overall, I had such a wonderful time creating this look. Styling Star Wars outfits and bounds is a huge form of an expression of art for me so I love any opportunity I get to be creative in this way.

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