The Bad Batch & Season Finale Expectations

The Bad Batch & Season Finale Expectations | Anakin and His Angel
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Have we, the fans, been conditioned to have expectations of what a season finale should look like? A big battle, an unexpected twist, a surprise reveal, an emotional death, a hint as to where we can expect the next season to go...

These are all exciting aspects of a season finale. Well, maybe not the death part but stick with me... Can a finale be just as exciting and impactful without these specific and typical elements? I think so. For me, it took a day to realize this (and you might not feel the same way, which is fine) but, after asking myself this question, and refraining from comparing the season finale of The Bad Batch to other Star Wars series finales, I found myself overall satisfied, and surprisingly content without having all of the answers to my questions (I am feeling super thankful there's going to be a second season though). This is a new mindset for me and it's definitely one that will take some practice but, going forward, I'm determined to not have specific season finale expectations. I want to be able to look beyond that so that I can better appreciate the episode. I don't want to be distracted and miss out on other great things that are happening.

“Understanding you does not mean that I agree with you.”

In Kamino Lost, we got to see Clone Force 99 together again, and I'm so grateful for that. This alone, was finale material for me. We witnessed a fair amount of character and relationship development and how it’s possible for individuals to understand each other, and work together, even though they’re not on the same page. I was deeply moved by how beautiful and inspiring this was! I would love to see this way of thinking promoted more in media as I think it could have an impact on real relationships today.

We also got a better look at where Crosshair is at emotionally and mentally. The struggle inside him was clearly evident in this episode. I really think that him saving Omega and AZ (bless them) was a huge testament to who he truly is. I’m feeling convinced that we’re going to see him eventually join his friends again. I’m one of those fans who believes that he “thinks” his chip has been removed. This is one thing that I expected to find out in this episode but I now think it makes the anticipation for the next season even greater. It can be fun to speculate and exchange theories with other fans!

While I do prefer the action-packed and more fast-paced episodes, the emotional weight of the facility on Kamino being destroyed combined with the contentment of seeing the Bad Batch together again really made for some great drama and incredibly moving storytelling. As soon as the episode ended, I knew that I LOVED it even though, at the time, I was confused as to whether it felt like a finale or not. But it did, and still does, feel like a temporary conclusion to where they've all been throughout their journeys. I only say "temporary" because we know it's not over yet!

It certainly seems like we're eventually going to see storylines from The Mandalorian and maybe even The Rise of Skywalker intertwine. I enjoy seeing connections like this in Star Wars if it makes sense, and in this case, I think it definitely does. Who noticed that the individual who greeted Nala Se in the last scene was wearing the same uniform as Dr. Pershing in The Mandalorian? Wherever we go next, I'm sure it's going to be a great ride! I never expected to feel so close to these characters. Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Echo, Omega, Crosshair, and AZ (don't tell me he's not part of the crew now) all feel like friends and I'm excited to continue going along their journey with them.

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