May the 4th - Star Wars Glam

Star Wars meets ✨GLAM✨

Happy May the 4th! I’m so excited to share this special project with you! My friend, Ashleigh, invited me and several other creator friends including Emily, Isabella, Natalie, and Tiffany to create glamorous Star Wars-inspired “Light Side” looks.

A huge thank you to Jordan for taking these photographs, and Bryan for the lightsaber edits!

Sugar Frill Puff Classic: Selkie (Surprise Bag)
Halo Crown: Amazon
Wig: Amazon
Necklace: Amazon
Polka Dot Tights: Target
Shoes: Amazon (Don't buy. So uncomfortable!)
Lightsaber: Custom from Savi's at Galaxy's Edge

My inspiration in styling my outfit was, “Are you an Angel?” I had always wanted to get a Selkie Surprise Bag and when I finally got a couple of them, I knew that one of the dresses that I received would be just perfect for this shoot! I just had to "Star Wars" it up, and I did that by accessorizing with a Gold Halo crown, a unique gold necklace, gold sparkly shoes, and a lightsaber, of course! The wig was to change my look up a bit. I wanted to feel like a different character that day, and I did! I felt great!

It was really special for us all to collaborate and use our creative minds to style glamorous Galactic outfits and get the shots we envisioned. This day means a lot to all of us as we're all huge Star Wars fans but we also all met because of Star Wars, or some other fandom we love. Fandoms bring people together and it's a beautiful thing!

What do you think of this glamorous Star Wars shoot? Leave a comment below or get in touch with me on Instagram or Twitter.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links were used in this post meaning if you purchase something from Amazon or Target, I will receive a commission.

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