Star Wars Style: The Bad Batch Bucket Hat

You’re our kid, Omega. You always will be.

I’m FINALLY going to share my thoughts on The Bad Batch S3 finale today and, of course, I had to do it in style with this themed bucket hat thanks to Heroes & Villains! It’s currently on FINAL SALE for $21, and you can use my code: “J20” to save an additional 20% off.


I was so excited when The Bad Batch first debuted in 2021. But I had no idea that they would become my favorite “Clone” characters. I will miss this show. It’s been such an amazing experience following Clone Force 99 on their journey in facing battles, against the Empire and within themselves, and witnessing the joys from the relational growth they experienced in spending more time with each other.

I love them all so much. 🖤❤️ In the beginning, Hunter and Wrecker were always my favorite but as time went on, Crosshair and Omega pulled on my heartstrings as well. But it’s typical for me to have multiple favorites. I was so relieved when they all made it out alive in the Season 3 finale. It made me wish that Tech could’ve been there with them too, but knowing that they were keeping the memory of him alive gave me comfort.

I loved the reference to “Project Stardust”. It’s so neat how, as new Star Wars projects are released, they connect to the other stories we know and love. It’s one of my favorite things!

Nala Se is a hero. That is all. 🙏

The Epilogue completely shocked me because I didn’t expect that we would get a glimpse into their future. I almost jumped out of my seat! Seeing Omega as an adult made me cry. The tender moment she and Hunter had together was SO beautiful. I felt sad for Hunter but so proud of Omega for wanting to join the Rebellion. They will be so lucky to have her. I’m confident we will see her again in the future! I wish we got to see Crosshair and Wrecker too but I’m glad they were mentioned, and that Batcher was still with them. 💙

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